So I finally made it to NYC!

So here is my new blog. I had to give up the waterloo blog. Maybe i’ll finally blog more though cause with this it is easier to blog.

Anyways, I’m in NY now. Everyone keeps asking how it is. And what have I done. But really I only got here a few days ago. And the 2nd day here I was already going to work. Oh, if your wondering about my whole visa staory…well ask me later, its old news now, so blah.

Where to start. Ok the beginning. The short version. Flight was only 1hr. Some turbulence which was a bit scary but otherwise it was fine. Was really tired on the flight though. Took cab from airport to apartment without any big problems.

I’m living with 2 guys from waterloo, Anojan and Punit. I’ve known anojan since 1st year and i know who punit is but i’m only getting to know him now. He’s a cool guy. I live in the living room. Its big, but it lacks privacy. I’ll figure out something for that eventually.

Work is overwhelming. I was hired to do some research into an RSS product they were thinking of. But my would be supervisor is leaving the company so I am now assuming many of his responsibilities. So I write functional and technical specifications. And I will be managing one of the offshore development workers in the Ukraine. Thats pretty cool I think, but yeah its all overwhelming. And I tell people this. and they wonder why i’m scared, but part of it is, I’ve never done this before. And its a small company. I have a lot of responsibility. I’m only the 6 person in the company, not counting the offshore ppl or the guy thats leaving. also, i was hired and interviewd for the RSS thing not the work Im doing now. Well maybe sort of I was, the guy interviewing is the guy leaving and he knows what was going to happen (sort of) but still. I worry. It really is overwhelming. oh, my title is product manager. 🙂

How is new york so many ppl ask? Its nice I guess. I haven’t seen much yet. I just have a lot to do for settling. And its hard. I miss my car. and Van. You have to walk for everything here. Walk to subway, take subway, get off, walk to supermarket, carry it back to subway, carry on subway, carry back home. Walk to store, buy desk, carry box home. My arms are just tired afterwards. Almost to the point where your muscles shake involuntarily cause its heavy and they are tired. Caitlin called me a squirrel. Going back and forth getting stuff and bringing it home.

I did go biking with Noah on Saturday. Central park was nice. But getting there was an adventure. Biking down the streets of new york with no helmet. hehe, I didn’t look around at the scenary I was just watching out for cars and my life! but it was fun. also tiring, i’m so out of shape. i need to start excercising. somehow, just cardio at the apartment i guess. the local gym is way too expensive. so yeah just basic cardio at the apartment they have some threadmills and a bike and stuff.

I’m sure there is a lot more to tell. But I think thats enough for now. I know ppl want pictures, but i haven’t taken any yet so you will all have to be patient.

if you have any questions though i’ll try to answer.

oh there was a team event yesterday. typically they go bowling or a bar or movie. they went to a internet cafe though and we played unreal tournament 2004 and had pizza. it was cool. normally i’m the free kill for others cause i dont’ know what i’m doing. but this time. they didn’t know what they were doing either. cept for 1 guy, we were all novices. so i did decently well. consistently coming in 2nd or 3rd but usually 2nd. though i was feeling quite sick yesterday, i felt like throwing up actually, but i think that was just lack of fluids and proper eating i’m fine now. k, thats really enough for now.


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