long weekend

The long weekend is here. I’ve been here for 9-10 days so far. I’d have to say, when I first got here. I did not like it. But I’m slowly adjusting and I’m warming up to the place. Work well I’m still quite lost but I’m not as worried about it as before. A false sense of security though perhaps?

Pictures? I’ll get around to it. I’ve walked a little around the local area. Not too much around nyc itself. but then its huge, i could walk several weekends and probably still be able to say that. but really, haven’t done much exploring yet. punit and anojan are fairly busy. weekends are when we do grocery shopping. i still have to get an ssn and bank account and well everything takes time and before you know it, time is gone.

the doorman at this place are quite friendly. i just had like a 15min conversation with michael the french doorman guy. about life being about relationships and happingess and giving to others and not materialism and whatnot. i’m not quite sure how i got into that conversatoin. i think he might have had things on his mind cause i kind of just wanted to go upstairs cause i was tired. and carrying some heavy bags. but when you talk about such things. you have to pause and listen. and realize. because otherwise you’re doing exactly what you yourself talk about and say is wrong with the world. even if i’m a bit tired. there is no harm in stopping and talking to someone for 15mins. otherwise, what? i go up and blog 15mins earlier? meh. i feel like i need more friends here. i dn’t like having a small network. and this is quite small right now.

i’m at work a few days ago. tuesday i think it was. mark (my would have been supervisor who is leaving for toronto to pursue another job and whose duties i am now sort of taking) and the president ie. bossman, tom and i were in a meeting. oh and mark will be available for some work in toronto for a week or 2. anyways. oh and tom is going on vacation. and mark is leaving. and mark asks tom who should be my contact point if i have questions, yourself? or aaron (another guy at the company). and tom is like, you should be (to mark). and mark is like, alright. i better get a phone soon then in toronto. and you should have seen toms face. hehe so funny. ok, i’m telling the story badly i think. oh well, it was funny to me. i think you need to understand the situation better. i’ve had little time to get up to speed on things before marks leaves so tom is a bit concerned about all that.

so what will i do the rest of the weekend? you know i have no idea really. probably not too much actually. i bought a lamp today. i haven’t got my first paycheque and wont get it for a couple more weeks so…can’t go crazy with the spending yet. though i really want to go see some shows. really really want to go see some shows. but soon enough.

k, next time i’ll at least try to get some pics of the apartment or something up.


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