i’m hungry

alright, so weekend is over. i got my lamp! i got some hangers! and i got my groceries! and that took well most of my weekend.

i got my desk last weekend from the pharmacy. its like a pharmacy slash grocery store slash convenient store slash general store. desk was only $20! was a pain carrying the box all the way home though. my arms/muscles were shaking from the effort afterwards. and then putting it together was a pain too.

i got my lamp from staples, that wasn’t so bad. for groceries i go to this store called pathmark, about a 20min walk but i took the subway there and bus back. otherwise carrying the groceries would kill me. even carrying them on the bus and stuff is a lot of work. seriously, i expect to have some strong arms and shoulders if i have to do this every weekend.

i then went down to Queens, cause anojan wanted to get a haircut there and also groceries are cheaper there. or at least fruits and vegetables are. punit, my other apartment mate (can i say housemate? or flatmate or ?) knows like where everything is cheapest.

anyhow, so i went to Queens. its interesting. i was like wow, finally i see some brown ppl in this city. otherwise, everywhere else i go i see one here or 1 there, but nothing much. everywhere else its basically everything else. but few brown. Queens is kind of far from Brooklyn though. takes about 40-50mins by subway though. so too far to go often. but i can buy a lot of halal food there. like halal chicken fingers and beef burgers and hotdogs and stuff. there is probably something closer to me, but so far i’ve only seen halal buchers nothing like…student food hehe. and yeah i got my hangers there cause well i saw them and i was there. i only got 16 though and that was a mistake. should have got like double that.

now i still need a chair and a dresser but that can come later. next weekend caitlin is coming down and we’ll do something to celebrate anojans’ bday as well. that should be fun hopefully.

so what else did i do this weekend? anojan and i were suppose to meet up with Noah, one of our waterloo friends from a couple years back. he’s graduated about a year ago and has been working here since. anyways, we were suppose to meet him for dinner at an Italian restaurant called Max. Now anojan and I are running late, and we want to get of on 51st street. we’re talking on the subway and next thing we know we’re at 59th! we jump off and get on a subway going the other way, but it doesn’t stop at the 51st street station but continues to 42! oh no! so we get off there and power walk / run to 50th street. and then start heading down to 2nd and 3rd avenue. and we look and look but can’t seem to find it anywhere. we ask some strangers. and then finally call 411. oops, it wasn’t 50th at all. it was 50 on Ave B! we were totally off. walking around manhatten (midtown area i think) but we were suppose to be in east village!

so yeah, we didn’t make it. not only that but we walked around for a good 75mins or so looking for it and then forgetting about it but trying to find a restaurant we did want to go eat at. we eventually settled on this indian restaurant and wow, it was awesome food. so soo good. i had chicken with mushroom and some naan and then gulab jamun for desert and it was all wonderful. came home and ate some watermelon and i was too stuffed that i gave myself a stomach ache. but i could easily go eat there again. but then, i’d want to order the same thing. thats the trouble sometimes. you find something good and you want more but you want to try new things as well. its a difficult balance. i need a bigger stomach. hehe and a bigger wallet as well. though this place was fairly reasonable. well reasonable for new york anyways.

um, what else. i came to new york. and you have a lot of conceptions about it. like its scary and violent and stuff. and yeah, at the beginning you walk around and you think does that person have a gun. and you are very careful. and thats true to some case still. obviously i’m careful in certain areas of the city but i don’t think everyone has a gun. still, you don’t make eye contact with some ppl. and even other ppl, when you do make eye contact they look away right away.

another thing is i keep looking out for rats. i saw 1 huge huge one, but it dissappeared now. thankfully no where near where i live. but anojan said he saw some walking back home late at night a couple blocks down near some garbage and subway vents. i keep looking in the subways, by the tracks, but i never see anything. which is great. they would totally freak me out. i saw some rats in india, man, scary stuff. it was in the parking lot, outside the partment i was staying at there. i just ran up the stairs to the apartment as quickly as possible after that. but they never came in the building, thankfully.

i’m hungry again. i need to excercise more. i’m walking so much everyday, but i’m not eating the healthiest foods. so i got to make sure i dont’ become a fat american.

oh yeah, i can’t believe i got a spam comment, never even heard of that before, though i have now noticed in other ppls blogs. still. how odd. its also odd the ppl that read this blog. some ppl that i just go, really? they read this? i’d never have expected that. its cool that they do. it really is. don’t be shy though ppl. feel free to comment to me, by msn, email, or by comment. you could call me too.

i’d put my number down here but i don’t know wht it is. haven’t memorized it yet. that was a problem the other day too. coudlnt’ call noah to say we were lost. couldn’t even call home to tell punit to call noah for us. anyways, this is getting long.


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