Alright, so finally, I’m putting up some pictures!

So this is me and Caitlin at my apartment in Brooklyn. My eyes are closed, as you will see, my eyes almost always end up closed. grr..

Caitlin and I at the Apartment, in Brooklyn.

Caitlin trying on my Kurta Pajama,
sadly she forgot all the bhangra we showed her in waterloo

Me at the Statue of Liberty.

Anojan (one of my housemates) & I after watching RENT

Random shot of Times Square

Alright, thats all for now. I’ll try to show pictures of my place and my other housemate Punit next time. We’ll see.

I think the formatting will look terrible, next time captions above pictures, just easier that way.


2 responses to “Pictures

  1. You saw RENT?! I hate you. Hehe. I’ve always wanted to see it!

  2. hehe, yes I saw it. But really, other shows are much better in my opinion. It didnt have enough story to really pull you into it. So just a bunch of (Excellent, really wonderfully done) small performances but overall show…meh.

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