weekend recap

This weekend seemed more like a long weekend than last weekend. Perhaps because I did more this weekend?

I finished the first draft of a phone web service spec. Handed it over to Tom, the president. We’ll have a spec review on Monday he said. Thats not an evaluation no me, not technically. Just a review, cause well all specs have to be reviewed. Still first one to be reviewed by him…scary. More on that later.

Caitlin was coming down to hang out for the weekend. I gave her my work number and extension. She called but apparently it didn’t work. She ened up pressing randon numbers for extensions and got Tom. The president. Transferred back to the operator she then got Aaron, he would be the #2 guy in the company. He just transferred her to me.

I meet her at Grand Central Station. We head back to the apartment in brooklyn. Caitlin kept a look out for rats. I use to do that too. Like I keep expecting to see them (not that I want to, i’d totally freak out) but i haven’t seen any yet. thankfully. Anyways, we drop off her stuff and then go back to manhatten to meet anojan and noah for dinner. A mexican / moraccon. Wasn’t mexican enough, but the chicken was great. Then went to a nice desert place. Went back to brooklyn after taht and just chilled at the apartment.

Caitlin went to see some other friends. Anojan was feeling lazy. Punit went for groceries and I not wanting to just sit at home went to the Statue of Liberty. Its much smaller than I imagined. But it was nice. You have to book a reservation or special tickets in advance over the phone or online. so i couldn’t go up. but i went to liberty island and walked around the base and it was nice. the weather was great that day and on the boat ride it felt even better. Battery Park (where you grab the ferry) was really nice and I stopped and watched a few busker shows (street performances). That was cool. Later myself, anojan, his cousins and his cousin friend and punit had dinner at a nice italian restaurant in Brooklyn. Seafood pasta..mmm…shrimps are always good. Then went to a comedy club in East Village I think it was. The show was really funny. 6 performers plus an mc lasting for about 1.5hrs. 2 were really good, 2 were good. 2 were meh to bad. and the mc was really good. So good times.

Anojan and I met up with Caitlin at Times Square area. They had closed 7th avenue and had all these stalls and stuff up and we wandered around looking at stuff. Then we bought tickets to the show RENT. The singing and performances were all excellent and entertaining, but overall the show was just lacking. It didn’t have enough story. It didn’t draw you in. Mamma Mia, Lion King, etc are much better in my opinion. Next time, its The Producers inshaallah. Or phantom, or beauty and the beast. so much to see! but in time, can’t go crazy with the spending. After the show we just walked around Times Square looking around and then Caitlin had to go catch her train back to conneticut and Anojan decided to go to work? at 7pm? on his bday? oh well. And I returned home to brooklyn.

All in all a fun weekend. Expensive, but worth it.

Today (monday)
Had the spec review with Tom. It went alright. I have some things to change but it wasn’t the huge disasater I had anticipated. But then maybe he was jsut being nice.

I have pictures now! but they will go up tonight or tomorrow, im updating while on lunch, and obviously don’t have the pictures here.

boo, agassi lost. but i like federer too.


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