oh captain, my captain

Had 2 more spec reviews with Tom today. They’re going better. I’m not as nervous as before. Slowly getting the hang of it. I’m not blowing him away with my work (yet! hehe). but its not as scary as before. And although I get criticism, its just constructive and it doesn’t get me as down as before. AND I (well I got it before on the first one but now I’m getting more) compliments on my work as well. So thats cool. The day is freaking long though. I’d much rather start earlier than continuously end my day close to or around 7 cause it still takes me another 40mins or so to work. Oh today was stupid 1 hr on the way to work. man, and i had got up early and everything. stupid R train took forever. I’ll try the F tomorrow me thinks.

you never know what could happen. thats my random comment.

i keep looking both ways on 1 way streets.

i finally heard back from waterloo about my degree. i told them forget about mailing it. i’ll just pick it up at convocation. i don’t really care about crossing the stage. maybe the excitement will come closer to the event. its more for the parents anyhow. i kind of want the degree just in my hands. and well thats about it. i’ll go just to see ppl again. that will be nice.

i know i had more to say. i was thinking about it at work, but i had work so i didn’t then. can’t recall now…hmmm….hmm…oh well. i guess i can blog later tonight or tomorrow if something pops to mind. something always does. whether old or something new.

oh i watched Dead Poets Society again last night. Good movie. Not great for me as it is for others, but definitely good. Makes me, reminds me not to waste time. To do now rather than later. its funny how things like that occur to us sometimes. and then it hits you in not 1 thing but multiple things. all telling you not to wait. not to waste time.

i bought a box of chicken strips. i finished it in 2 days. so small. today is fish sticks. bagel and fish sticks. i should probably eat more eh?

i’ll go grocery shopping again this weekend. i didn’t go last weekend.


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