hi ho, hi ho, hi ho hi ho hi ho

I remember!

I was thinking, after talking to some co-workers (I say some as if there are so many, after talking to Aaron and Pete yesterday) that even when I get to NYC I can’t escape co-workers talking about hockey before basketball. Just my luck eh? Well they are, are at least it appears, not huge sports fan in general, well not die-hards. but still sports fans. but first is football and then well not sure what else. but it seems like hockey is 2nd. dah well. Only 1 more month til trainng camps start!

AAHHH! phew….whoa! Theres construction on my floor. some guy brought their dog. I don’t like dogs. I saw something in my periphial (yes i know thats spelled wrong) vision looked to my left and Dog! right beside my chair! But you know what, i’m much better than before. I think India helped cause there were a lot of stray dogs I had to walk by. And they didn’t do anything to you. So I can walk by dogs with little to no problem at all now. When I don’t see one and it pops out of no where I still feel a sudden urge of…i don’t nkow, my heart skips a beat. but its only for that second. i think im good enough to even pet it now. stil would depend on the type of dog though a bit. A dobermen, i’m still keeping my distance.

eating quiznos sub for lunch…ooh soo full, my stomach has shrunk. internally, externally bigger than ever 😦 i need to excercise again. i need a cheap gym.

India was such a huge experience for me. I feel like I refer to it fairly often. I think I bore ppl. But there is no way to impress on people what it was like, what i went through, what i experience, what i saw, etc. I think that term and my 1st co-op term are the ones I refer to the most. Probably cause india offers such a contrast.

This week has really gone fast. I’m meeting some new ppl this weekend
aaaah, oh man. dog just crawled from out under my desk. freaked me out.
i’m meeting some new ppl this weekend for bowling and dinner. that should be fun hopefully. they can all laugh at my
man that dog has got to go, or at least not look at me. dont’ look at me dog, go away go away shoo.
they can laugh at my unique bowling shuffle walk thing i do.

k, lunch break over. back to work, hi ho hi ho, its back to work i go, hi ho, hi ho hi ho hi ho
don’t think tahts how the 7 dwarfs would spell it but you get the point


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