naps are good

Had a meeting with the whole team today. Discussing frame work for the system. Like new projects that would be worthwhile pursuing. I was so LOST. I don’t know their internal systems that well yet and I felt just lost everything was like huh. Oh um…huh? I’ll have to step up on the learning of that stuff.

Had a second meeting on a new project that I will be doing some work upon. It went much better. It was 1on1 with Tom and I was able to understand what was going on and give ideas and well, just much much better in general.

I’m so glad today is friday. the week really flew by, but at the same time, wow, so tired today. came home from work, had a small tv dinner. went to bed by…8? woke up just a little while ago at 1130ish. nice 3.5hr nap…hopefully i’m not up all night now.

finally got my ssn. i think i’ll have time to go to the bank tomorrow finally which is also good. need to go grocery shopping too, i’m almost out of food.

just checked my work email. got a compliment from Tom on an email i sent him on soething i noticed on the corporate site that could be improved. He’s putting the Germans to work on it. hehe, the Germans, its funny to say that. dont know why. We outsource to several people. People in Ukraine, Romania, India, and Germany. Why so many places? Well thats a long and well rather unintersting story.

um…nothing interesting to put today. perhaps tomorrow or after the weekend.


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