the weekend

Came home from work late. Had a tv dinner. Went to bed by 8pm. Woke up around 1130. Spent some time online, chatting, checking email. Talked to a few people. Went back to bed.

Went to CitiBank to open a bank account finally! Stupid counter lady spends forever and a day with 1 customer. It was stupid. You can’t spend that much time with 1 customer when there is a line. This is not a teller line, nor even the waiting area. This is the line of customer assistance where I’ll eventually get to sign-up my name to sit in the waiting area to get help. I stood there forever! (30mins-40mins I’d say) without the line moving! Finaly one of the other workers that works in creating new accounts came and went through the line asking what people needed. And she talked to the customer assistance lady. I went to the waiting area. Darn people didn’t even use the list. I think people bypassed me. Eventually i just walked up to a desk and sat down infront of someone so that they could/would help me. I contemplated just leving and going to another bank. But my company has an agreement with the bank so my services and stuff are free. Anyhow, the person I dealt with was very pleasant and helpful so the service staff is probably all very nice, just waiting time was terrible. oh well, everything will be online from now on.

I opened a chequing and savings account. Never had a savings account before. Never any interest in well…interest. I had my chequing (americans say checking?) and investments in canada but never a savings. oh, still not interested in interest btw, just more for safety reasons to keep money out of checking in case of lost card or something. cause here you can use a debit card like a credit card, money goes straight out of account though. so like debit, but you sign instead of punching in a code. Everyone at towerdata (afaik) uses direct deposit. i didn’t have an accout set up so Tom gave me a cheque. He forgot to sign it! haah, didn’t even notice til i got to the bank. oh well.

There was an event I heard about this night. A bunch of muslim kids (kids i mean ppl relatively close to my age) meeting up for bowling and dinner. Seeing how I knw all of 3 people in this city I decided to forget about my shyness (more about shyness in another post, this will be long as it is) and go. I need to make more friends. ha, forget more, i need to make friends. seriously, its quite boring here, even in ny, when you don’t know ppl.

So I was kind of nervous, but I decided to go anyways. For bowling we had a group of 8 people. Romana (event organizer), 2 girls with names staring with S, sadiyah or something like that was one them, i don’t know. it was teacher and med school girl. Then there was a 2nd romana and her husband…irfan. also, camera guy Ali and conneticut guy Raza. Bowling was fun, but i bowled pretty badly. 103….sigh, but i still won? hehe, got to represent for Canada eh, lol whatever. i couldn’t really complain about my score when i still won.

Then off to dinner. Some italian place of which the name escape me. Another guy joined us there, forget his name…meh, amersterdam guy. and 2 girls, Darya and Darya’s friend. Dinner was good. but romana#2 found a roach in her glass! Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!! we almost all left right then. had it been my glass, yeah i’m out of tehre. we complained but everyone was kind of lazy or indecisive i think. we complained and got a free desert out of it. not much but at least something. the food wasn’t great. i had better at another place in brooklyn, cheaper there too. but desert was good. mmm…chocolate.

we then decided to go for a movie. a subset of us only though. well the same ppl that went to bowling plus amsterdam guy minus Ali. after much debate, we decided on skelton key. we went to the AMC at Times Square. The AMC here doesn’t use Movie Watchers? weird. The movie theatre wasn’t big. i mean the screen upon which i watched it. the place itself was huge. i had to go up 5 escaltors to get to my screen, #24.

The Movie was quite good. Better than i expected for sure. still dumb at times, not really scary. but plot twists weren’t bad. i liked it. i never really get scared in movies. not really. things may make me jump, but they never really ‘scare’ me. like make me fear. i do find disturbing images scary though. but movies as a whole, dont scare me. but then i haven’t seen the classic horrors like exorcist or anything.

Movie ended at 3am. Coming out and walking down times square at 3am and it still having a lot of people and bright lights everywhere. and i just thought to myself, i’m in new york, times square, 3am, goign to take the subway home to brooklyn, this all feels so sureal. kind of scary too cause i could be out this late, or not come back at all. and no one would know. people wouldn’t know i’m missing for quite some tiem if i just disappear. sure there are my housemates, but conceivably i come home late and leave early in the morning. so days are gone before they really know. at least. our schedules are kind of different too already. so yeah…its a bit scary to think about. walking around at 4am in downtown brooklyn/ that was also a bit scary. but not as bad you may think either. its all in your/my head.

um….did my groceries. found out where the mosque is (20min walk away roughly). thats about it.


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