who wants a coconut? hehehe

I saw a rat the other day. But I was too tired to care. Well I think the fact that I was at least 50-60 feet away helped too :). Any closer and I would have freaked out. It was on the subway tracks, so that far away and a good number of feet down as well. It wasn’t big either. Not as scary as I imagined. But still, thats about as close as I care to be. And I don’t want to see anymore.

I describe myself as shy. I think that is descriptive of my behaviour yes. I’m shy until I start to get to know people and then when I’m comfortable I’m fairly outgoing with them. But sometimes people say they are too shy to do something. I say that myself. You know whats another word for shy? Afraid.

Today, is just really crazy busy. Its actually quite cool when I think about it.
Finished 2 specs but now doing some verification on some other work, while starting work on 2 new specs, and ‘managing’ the developer in india for 1 of the specs if finished. And they want me to start handling the Romanian guy who will start work on the other spec i finished after finishign up the pervious versions a bit more (which is what i have to do verfication upon). And then on the marketing side i have to come up with the pricing models for the web services we’re offering, researching competitors and stuff. So pretty cool, but pretty busy.

I’ll finish the shy = afraid post later. plus i want to do Benson‘s survey as well that he posted on his blog.

oh and i heard Danish and Moshin are in town from Omar. Punks never even told me they were here. So i’ll have to call them up and see if we can meet up.

all out of coconuts, Ali took the last one……um….don’t ask. its just randomness. Random!


One response to “who wants a coconut? hehehe

  1. you better save it for me until I come to new york!

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