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I’m tired. I got into work at 815 today. Thats not early really, but its really early for here. Like 1hr early. And I’ll probably stll stay late. And I was up late last night too. So simple mindless survey today. I don’t want to think too much. Thanks to Benson, thats where I’m stealing this survey.

Name: Ahmed
Age: 23
Height: 5’10”
Eye color: brown
Piercings: None
Tattoos: Never
Natural Black
Status: Tired


Color: this varies…today I’ll go with goldish, yellowish, mustard
Band: I don’t know, first bands coming to mind are Jackson 5 and Boys 2 Men
TV show: OC, Survivor, Desperate Housewives, Star Trek!
Movie: Stand By Me
Flower: Either Tulip or Rose
Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios


Snuck out of the house: Yes
Cried to get out of trouble: Yep
Been in a fist fight: Nope, well does it count if someone punches me and I just look at them in laugh?
Burped in someones face: eeew no.
Broken a bone: nope
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator: yep
Gotten stitches: nah, it’ll heal by itself
Hugged a random stranger: yep


You IMed: Odie, Darrin
You Talked to: Aaron
You made fun of: Caitlin
You tripped: probably Rabia


Pepsi/Coke: Milk!
Black/white: black
Rock/Pop: Pop
Pop/Rap: Hip Hop?
Rock/Rap: Rock
Rain/Snow: Rain
Clouds/clear sky: Clear, especially at night. Let me see the stars.
Pants/shorts: pants
French toast/french fries: French Toast
Chocolate/vanilla: obviously, Obviously! Chocolate, or sometimes a swirl
Britney/Christina: neither


House: mates
Love: hate
Heart: attack
Hardcore: nerd
Head: ache
Break: dance
Knife: spoon
Taste: food
Space: black


Song you heard: Anojan singing Twinkle Twinkle little stars
CD You bought: I’ve never bought a cd…
Thing you ate: Tuna sub from Quiznos
Thing You Drank: water
Time You Cried: i forget
Thing You said: No thanks – to Andrei upon him getting new business cards and offering me 1
Time You Yelled at someone: in person? I don’t remember, maybe at my sister back in August before I left but I argue, I dont’ really yell.


Funniest: I dont’ know. Darrin’s a good story teller.
Silliest: Alia & Umber
Quietest: Seiji and Jenn
Loudest: Jenise. Oh and Anojan, guy keeps waking me up in the morning slamming cupboards
Craziest: Omar? well he’s more weird but ah well
Best Secret Keeper: Oh they’re good, but I’m still not revealing who has my secrets
Most Hyper: Farooq and Umair when they are together.

Good Charlotte/Simple Plan: don’t know, don’t care
Emienem/50 Cent: Eminem, hands down
Nsync/Backstreet Boys: New Kids on the Block! They had their own cartoon!
My Chemical Romance/The Used: haven’t heard of them
SugarCult/Yellowcard: who?
Story Of The Year/Smile Empty Soul: are these bands?
Nickelback/Puddle Of Mudd: Nickelback
Hot Hot Heat/From First to Last: i’ve at least heard Of hot hot heat, so them i guess.

A – person u ADMIRE most: I admire a lot of traits in a lot of the people i know.
B – favorite BAND: i think i answered this already
C – favorite CLOTHING store: dont’ have one. i don’t shop a lot. i buy books and dvds.
D – best DAY of the week: Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Monday
E – life ESSENTIAL: family & friends
F – favorite FOOD: shrimp and chocolate are a tie.
G – do you belive in GHOSTS: I ain’t afraid of no ghost, ghostbusters!
H – You call this place HOME: Home is New York (Brooklyn), but HomeHome is Mississauga
I – INSTRUMENT you play: over the years i’ve played recorder and trumpet but don’t remember anything now, sadly.
J – dream JOB title: Emperor of Earth
K – number of KIDS you’d like to have someday: 2-4 but more would be ok
L – do you believe in true LOVE: yes
M – if I had a MILLION dollars….: travel, buy stuff for my parents and friends, learn everything i’ve always wanted to learn.
N – NUMBER of siblings: 1
O – ONE wish: its a secret
P – PHOBIAS: dogs, people i care about dying, hell, deep bodies of water a bit (i can’t swim), other things but those are the first ones that come to mind.
Q – QUOTE that you live by: For I ‘shall not go quietly into the night’. I shall succeed, and no battle will be won until I’ve had my fight.
R – something RANDOM about yourself: I like a couple of songs by Korn and Rob Zombie.
S – favorite SONG: Currently the Prince of Egypt song, If you Believe in miracles…you can acheive, is stuck in my head.
T – TIME you usually go to bed: weekdays, between 1230-130am. Weekends, it varies
U – most UNUSUAL thing you’ve ever eaten: my friends are so diverse nothing is very unusual. goat brains i guess?
V – most VIVID memory: too tired, cant think.
W – WEIRDEST thing you’ve ever done: ppl say a lot of the things i do are weird
X – Uhh…Just Write something: booga booga
Y – YEAR you were born: 1981
Z – ZODIAC sign: Scorpio


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