boredy boredy boredy

This weekend was dull. Friday I can’t even recall. Saturday, I went out to look for a gym. I walked in and 2 of 3 gyms could not be found and the last one was 98$/month which is much too much. I just walked around the local neighbourhood just looking around cause i literally had nothing else to do. 3.5-4hrs later tired and now dark outside I came home. Ate some ice cream went to bed. Sunday, my feet were tired. I stayed home. Ate ice cream and watched random junk on my laptop. I am going insane from boredom. I bug people online to talk. I talked to Caitlin on the phone for about 40mins. I think outside of work (maybe inclusive) that was my longest conversation or actually 2nd longest in about 2 weeks. So sad. I need to find things to occupy my time. I think I’ll just swallow the cost and join the gym anyways. I feel like I could easily go days without talking (outside of work) with no problem. Well any real conversation anyways. I think caitlin is getting bored too cause i keep bugging her. Well not really, but she has her exam coming up for actsci so i can’t bug her as much right now either.

Today at work though was awesome. Seriously, today went faster than the entire weekend. well technically it was shorter than the entire weekend…hmm…be quiet you! I finished 1 spec. Followed up with Romanian guy on another spec. Had a meeting with Aaron to discuss some functionality and then sketched up some quick screen designs. Then was the marketing meeting with Tom and Brian. Discussing how much we should price some of our products at. Coming up with pricing models. What market we want to target ourselves to. What we want to develop next to meet those goals (what i need to spec). And its just cool to be involved in all that. And then still on the technical side design it and determine what should happen and how they should happen. BUT then not have to do the actual grunt work in implementation. Not that coding is grunt work. There are still a lot of cool things to be determined by the programmer. But I get to design the high-level and just having a hand in determine the shape in which the company grows and then actually seeing it happen. I don’t know, i find it cool.

So work just flew by today. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, particularly after such a boring weekend. But I think I will also join the gym tomorrow. Its crazy expensive, but still, I don’t want to sit at home doing nothing anymore. I can’t do that.

My sister just said she wanted to buy me an mp3 player or ipod and some movies to help my boredom. I thanked her but said no thanks. I don’t really need it.


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