my desk? my stomach? my arm?

They are taking my desk. My L desk. I don’t know exactly what I’m getting back. But my desk is gone. Forever. I don’t want a regular desk. I need the desk space darnit, i have too many notes and stuff as it is. Ive finished almost 2 pads and already finished 1 pen off.

I am now working with all 3 outsourcing guys on various projects. Romania, Ukraine, and India. Kind of cool, hopefully not too much though. But then, only the romania guy seems to need babysitting.

I’m really hungry. I haven’t ate anything more than a muffin a slice of pound cake today. And its nearly 6pm. I didn’t have a big dinner either…Actually yesterday all i had was a croissant, soup, and a small sub. oh and ice cream. yeah, i’m definitely not eating enough. Maybe i’ll pick up something from outside instead of just having fish sticks tonight.

Tonight is laundry night, thats my plan for tonight…..yay. I’ll take the market pricing stuff home i guess and work on that. hopefully.

I need a new book too.

Something was on my mind, I can’t recall what. This will bug me.

yes, really hungry am i.

seriously, what did i forget?

my knees hurt. and my left forearm hurt yesterday. i dont’ know why. i push myself up off my bed sunday and it just hurt like mad all of a sudden. But that was just for a minute. The knees? I don’t know. That comes and goes. I’m aging too fast.

Another reason I need to join a gym…..tomorrow, hopefully. I plan on being active even when 120-122 years old.


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