time keeps on slipping slipping slipping……into the future..

Changed the name of this blog. Still not what I want exactly. But for now it will do. Perhaps it will be ever changing? Who knows.

So it been awhile. I’d like to say I’ve been busy, and at work I have been. But outside of work, nope, not so much.

Heres the recap since I last updated.

Another really busy day at work. Watched Survivor and Apprentice at night. Went to bed. I wouldn’t call it nightmares but I had some…unpleasant dreams. Woke up at 2am. Ended up talking to people til 4. Went back to bed woke up at 7 to get ready for work.

So so tired. A LONG day of work. Got home after shortly after 7. Maybe 715-720. Went straight to bed for a nap planning to get up at 8. Slept straiht til 4am. Woke up, went online for a bit. Went back to bed by 430 and slept til 930am. About 14+ hrs. Unfortunately I didn’t wake up feeling all refreshed. I just wasn’t physically tired anymore.

Went Grocery shopping at PathMark. Thats about it. Oh, I got a haircut. I need to always wear contacts when I for haircuts. Its not bad…but its not great. And I would have prefered my sides to be a bit shorter.

Went Grocery shopping for my Halal meat. Just some cold cut turkey breast slices and some chicken strips. Talk to some people online for much the evening. It was fun talking online and having a conversation lasting longer than the usual, whatsup, whats new, sort of thing.

Oh I joined a gym. Its expensive but I just wanted something to do. Need something to do. Though hehe when I do get there, of course I get a bit lazy. Yo weights are heavy man, and I’m like really weak now after not working out in such a long time. But I went both days on the weekend. It was good. My biceps are killing me though.

I actually ate some food this weekend. It was good. Its was just my fish sticks and/or chicken strips. But the last few days of last weekend I don’t nkow why I really wasn’t eating. Just a bagel here or couple of croissants there. But I wasnt really eating. I’ll eat more now. Plus with working out I feel quite a bit more hungry. Just got to be careful I eat the right food and not become a fat american. K, guess thats all for now.

Basketball season is just less than a month away now!


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