eye of a tiger…

Another day of work. Didn’t really start off too well. Even as I think about it now. As much as I do theres just so much more to be done. oigh, I still have work on web service pricing…blah.

The thing is. As down as you get, or rather I get. And I do get down. Constructive criticism is not a bad thing, but when you demand a lot from yourself, you cannot help but beat yourself up over things. Whatever, even if I get down. I sit here now and think to myself. I can still do this. Not think. Know. I know I can do this. I may not know exactly how to do somethings, but I can figure it out. And I will. And I will only improve.

Any fear that you feel, in anything. Is just another obstacle to be overcome. I may sound like a disney commercial, but I don’t care. When you work hard and you believe you can do anything. Fear is not a problem. Laziness is a bigger obstacle.

Ramadan will begin tomorrow. I have more power to succeed. Not just as a career. That is just one facet of life. I want to learn more about Islam. Really you shouldn’t need excuses to motivate oneself to do anything. But its not about needing an excuse rather that why not take more motivation from where ever it may come.

I’m blathering on and perhaps sounding more important than I should right now. Too bad, its whatever crosses my mind.

I feel a very great parallel between my current situation and how I was last year. A great deal. And actually as I look ahead, it seems even moreso to me. I don’t like that. But I’ll deal with it too. Though I don’t imagine the end could be as bad as last year.


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