whatcha ya talkin bout willis?

Well as its Ramadan, and I’m fasting, hence no eating of lunch. I have a bit of time during lunch. Not a lot cause well I usually just skipped it or worked through it anyhow. But a bit. Actually, these blogs aren’t done in one sitting. I start it, stop, start stop, etc throughout the day, usually over notepad. Until I just feel done and then i post.

I normally get a lot of email. No, that does mean I email a lot. What I’m talking about is work. I get emails about everything, it seems. I guess cause I work in many areas of the business I get included on a lot. Support, Alerts, Errors, Marketings, Internal Developers, and obviously External developers. And then with the developers testing I get the reports generated from those tests and the error messages included with those and man, its just nuts some times.

So yeah I can ignore a lot of it, but still a lot I have to deal with myself. I spent all morning with the ukraine guys request and then a couple other things i needed to respond to Tom about and time just flies. I look at the task list I made for myself today. I’ve so far completed one thing today and added 2 thigns. haha.

So this weekend is thanksgiving in Canada. Mine will be in November. Contrary to Darrin the true greatest month of the year :p. I had a funny conversation with Ali a few days ago. Here it is:

Ali: What you doing for the long weekend?
Me: huh? What long weekend? When?
Ali: I dont know.
Me: Then what are you talking about?
Ali: I heard some people talking about a long weekend.
Me: Ic…so what you doing for the long weekend?
Ali: I dont’ nkow.
Me: fool

Tom invited me to lunch today. Not a meeting but just a social lunch. I told him I’m fasting but could still meet if he wanted to discuss something (I didn’t know it was just social at the time). He said we could just do it after Ramadan then. Perhaps I should describe people? So that my stories (as boring as they maybe be sometimes) are easier to understand. I dno’t know. We’ll see. I don’t want to start profiling people either.

Tom is late 30s if not 40s. A bit taller than me, regular guy not fat with earing stud, from california but no accent. He’s a friendly enough guy, though he is still the president and therefore bossman so at times it can still be scary dealing with him. But my confidence is good in myself and my work (if not high) right now so definitely not as scary as when I first got here.

Rasheed is asking me how long it takes to publish my blog cause his is starting to take awhile. So i’ll just cut this off here. Have a good day….y’all.
Um…yes, ya’ll. I don’t know. Don’t ask.


One response to “whatcha ya talkin bout willis?

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