back in the day….eh

Its Oct 11th already. Time is flying! Its really crazy.

Work is busy. Its fun, its a lot. It feels overwhelming at times. And other times I bug people on msn and they must think that I have no work to do. Nah, I just need my break somehow. But yeah, its only Tuesday and I was in the status meeting (which I have to take over starting next week, shoudl be fun) and I come out thinking its Thursday. Not b/c its a long status meeting or something. But that so much to be done for this week that I feel like its Thursday and I only have a short amount of time in which to finish it by Friday. I don’t know if Im expressing this very clearly. Basically, theres a lot to be done in what feels like a little bit of time and time in general is moving really fast.

Speaking of time going by. I was contacted by one of my friends this weekend. And she was telling me how she was upset with herself in how she hadn’t kept in touch with a lot of people for…..well quite a long time. I had actually stopped msg’ing her b/c theres only so much you can msg or email a person. Friendships need to be two-way. If I wanted one way, well thats what this blog is for I guess? And even then, while I enjoy knowing that some people read this, it can be at times annoying to not receive any feedback or comments.

Another one of my friends I’ve kind of lost contact with again. Last time that happened, I was kind of upset. This time its more like, I had a feeling or I expected this. Its really too bad, but again you can’t maintain a friendship alone. While it would have been nice to be proven wrong, since I had a feeling this was going to happen, I can’t say I’m very upset.

Last two days I’ve been feeling cold. I’m pretty sure I have a temperature. I’m not allowed to be sick right now. Too much work to do. And really, this is just annoying. I’m not dealing wich being sick. I just refuse to be sick. I got some extra rest last night. Maybe I’ll do the same today. But enough, being sick just gets in the way of too many things.

I’m going home for convocation next week. On Thursday night. I wasn’t really excited. Though I did have a dream in which I missed it and I was really disappointed. Moreso because I wantd to be in pictures with friends than anything else. Oh and I want to get my grill. And some real food. But I’m a bit more excited about it now. I just hate how theres not enough time for everyone. Theres never enough time. Perhaps not enough time to actually meet with people. But it goes back to what I was saying about the 2 friends above. Everyone is busy. But you still have to make time, one way or another.

You know when you are alone and you may do silly things cause no one can see you. No one else knows about the odd or silly things you do. I spend a lot of time alone. And its starting to creep out. Its not being hidden as well…..or maybe I’m just going insane?

People ask me if I’ve made any new friends or stuff. Well that will happen eventually. I’ve made some internet friends though? Does that sound geeky? Oh well. Does it count? One of them did call me…But they weren’t exactly local.

NBA season is starting soon! yay!

Earthquake in pakistan/india….wow, so terrible. I’m going to donate some money. I hope others find ways to contribute as wel.

Its been cloudy since at least Thursday/Friday. When will the sun come out again? Its not raining right now, but stuck in my head earlier was “Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring…”

Aaron reminds me of Khalid. Same body type, similiar head structure & hair style. Similar in the way they walk and stuff too. Or at least I think.

2.5 more hours til i open my fast for today. i think i’ll go buy some cookies to open it with. just like the old clarica days…

back in the day


4 responses to “back in the day….eh

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  2. i dont know about u but im startin 2 get pissed about spam….
    and i totally know about loosin touch with some friends…i think im one of those ppl dat i really bad when it comes 2 keepin in touch…i never call ppl 4 da hell of it..haha

  3. LOL i gotta say man u r a class act jerk…but da comment was nicely done!!

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