Am I the only one with a red umbrella?

Alright, its been a few days. I know. Just things on my mind earlier in the week and then just wasn’t in the mood yesterday. But my cousin Rasheed keeps bugging me to blog. So here I am. I was gonig to get to it anyways.

I’m sure there is stuff I’d like to write about. But I’m not sure what I want to say. So let me start with just randomness.

I like how you stand in the substation and you can tell when the subway is coming. You just feel it, and I don’t mean from noise or vibrations.

When I use to take the GO to work in Toronto, it was fun or nice when you stand infront and the train stops with its doors infront of you. Its like you won a game or prize and you don’t have to wak to the door. Its right there. Subway has so many doors. I win all the time and it doesn’t feel special anymore. Actually, all the people coming out and pushing in, its better not be right infront of the door to start.

Its been cloudy and rainy for like 8 days! Can people tell me if the sky is still blue in the world? Does the sun still shine? I havent seen it in a long time…

Am I the only one in the world that uses a Red Umberlla? I bet you could stand on a rooftop and spot me out just cause everyone else is using Black and a few dark blue. Seriously, and I’ve been looking too. No one else seems to use red.

I see my friends all the time. And everywhere. I see Jeff on the subway. I see Lam walking down the street. I saw Umairs Brother Fayaz a few weeks ago in Midtown. I saw a 15 year old Alia near my apartment last week. I saw guy that looked like Seiji just this morning.

I had a conversation with one of my friends about keeping in touch. I believe its been settled now and all is fine. Its weird. For the most part I have very low expectations from most people I know. People dont really email too much. No one calls. But I do msn a fair deal. And I manage to keep in touch with many. Others I don’t talk to at all. And when I next see them we dont’ miss a beat and its like we just hung out yesterday. I think it just bothers me when I feel the people in the first category or moving to the latter. People in the latter category bother me too sometimes. I dont’ talk to many of my cousins nearly as much as Id’ like. I know they care. I dont’ even question that. But I wonder sometimes, why they can’t just write a 2 line email. or a 2min call. they’ll message me if they see me. but, i don’t know. Its really the little things that make your day. Perhaps some people wonder the same thing about me sometimes? I wonder…

One of my friends was getting tested for something serious. I didn’t expect anything would really be wrong. Still, its scary to think about. I’m really glad everything was fine.

My friend Caitlin’s (and Jenn’s for that matter) grandmother is really sick. Its very sad. I never know quite what to say. Whatever you say or do its not enough, because nothing is enough. Still I’ve learned that you should always try. Because what ever little you can do, you’re still doing something. At the least they know people care. I remember when my friend Darrin‘s friend Dean passed away. I didn’t know what to say or how to act then either. Everyone needs sometime on their own in such times. But in retrospect, I should have gone to him sooner. To talk or whatever. I’m also reminded of my own grandmother passing away. Barely shy of 1 year ago. I can’t believe its been 1 year. I know the pains I hve felt in my life and I wonder about my Nana. This past summer I believe would have been the 50th anniversary. I don’t know how you deal with such a loss. But Caitlins Grandmother is still here. And we can all pray that she gets better, InshaAllah.

The weekend is here. Soon at least. The forecase is…..for rain. My plans? Laundry. There is a tech convention so I’ll drop in on that. My friends are doing a fantasy basketball league so I’ll do that. My highlight for saturday is to spend time online drafting players? woohoo…..

I watched Survivor last night. i dont care what people say. I enjoy it. Didn’t get to watch apprentice cause Hemayna came to the tv lounge and I started talking with her. Hemayna is a girl that lives in the same building as me. She’s up on the 9th floor (I’m on the 6th). Her roommates have bunk beds. ahaha, i just find it funny at our age. She’s an econ major at…I think NYU in her final year. So yeah I just talked with her for a bit whie watching Fresh Prince and then the cosby show. Went upstairs had a snack, watched indinna jones. Messaged with Rabia a bit, but it was late so she went to bed. Not sure what I was doing, but it was like 130 ad I was about to o to bed when Zahra messages me. So I start talking to her for what was supposet obe a short break but ends up talking for 30mins til 2. Sigh, so tired right now. And hungry. I’m impressed by Zahra, she’s very mature and hardworking. But then I guess you ahve to be in her program too.

Alright, I could write more but this I think is lengthy enough. Rasheed? good enough? well you’ll have to take it as is. Til later.

oh, my odd quirk for the day. i want to do some reading into topics of interest to me. just you think about random things sometimes but you never lookin into them. But with wikipedia, its not hard. i can quickly find out the basics and more if i want.

some topics i plan to quickly look at this weekend
victor hugo


2 responses to “Am I the only one with a red umbrella?

  1. yeah dat would have been fine if u didnt blog for a day but u missed 2 dayz guy…u owe me more….haha

    yeah im always shy for words when i gotta comfort some one who is loosing a dear one..but sometimes you dont have to say ne thing you just need 2 sit with them and let them talk..
    i have been workin quit and with skool i’m also feelin da im loosing touch with my i totally know da feelin…
    i dont know about ne where else but i think in toronto da sky color has permanently changed to grey..haha

  2. Hey…It’s VintageInNY 🙂 Awesome blog.

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