You can’t take the sky from me..

Today is Thursday. The morning has gone quite quickly. Only 4 more hours now til I get to leave (‘m leaving work early today so I can go home grab my bag then go to the airport and fly home). Strange, even the process of flying home involves me spending at least 4.5-5hrs travelling.

I’m writing in short sentences. Its because I have the urge to write and yet I do not know what it is I want to say. I’m sure soon, though I’ll think something, something will pop into my head and an explosion of thoughts will want to be poured onto the page. Or hehe, at the least I can just continue a mindless ramble of stumbling thoughts.

I’ve decided enough is enough. I’m going to finish 3 Musketeers within a week and move on to some new books. I’m thinking some new, some old, some classics. Q&A I think might be first. I might take part in an online-book club. They are trying to figure out what we might read. The Historian and The Man Without Qualities have both been mentioned. The Historian sounds interesting, but the other one, the reviews say its wonderfully written but not the most enjoyable read. Both are quite massive books. Close to 1000 pages or more I believe. I wat to pick up some classics though, Farenheit 451, Catcher and the Rye, Chronicles of Narnia. Its hard, everytime I step into a bookstore I wish I could buy so many things. I could spend a fortune and my collection would still be incomplete. One day. I will have my own library.

Speaking of libraries, people tell me I should just use them. I could. It would certainly be much cheaper. It just doesnt feel the same though. Theres not many material things I spend money on. I actually have yet to buy anything other than service or consumption goods in NY (save a a desk and lamp). But I can’t resist a good story. Be it book or movie or whatever. I think I’m going to go to BestBuy and purcahse To Sir With Love. Its a Sidney Poiter movie. I saw it years ago, and its wonderful. I feel like watching it again. I’d been hoping the price would go down a bit. But I guess with classics they don’t go on sale often.

I’ve been feeling sick again. I was sick last week, then fine for the weekend. And now I’m sick again. And worse than before. Booooo! Hopefully it doesn’t carry over much to the weekend. I just want to enjoy the weekend.

I’m getting tired of complaining about certain things. But its not really complaining. Its just the honest answer to questions I’m asked. And people are nice in their responses. But I’m tired of hearing it too. I just don’t really care. Or at least, I just dont’ want to deal with it or think about it anymore. Not bad, well, alright, fine. Those are my answers from now on.

I’m feeling very cold right now. And I have a headache. I want to buy some cheese & broccoli soup from Quiznos. But its 3.5 blocks left. That means I’d have walk 3.5 blocks back. Plus, my station is 4 blocks on the right. So thats 11 blocks now. Plus, I’m leaving work at 5, rosa (fast) doesn’t open til like 610pm. So my soup would get cold. No, I think I’ll be opening my fast with some cookies in the cab on the way to LeGuardia. Then some fabulous airport terminal food…I’ll get to Toronto 930, hopefully be home by 1015. I’ll eat something more normal then.

I was in a meeting this morning with Tom and Aaron, discussing how much of his bonus the Romanian guy should get. Tom had the finally judgement call. But I would say I was the primary contributor to the meeting. And his final decsion was based upon my evaluation of the Romanian guy. Its interesting, how people can be in the position to decide such things and how if I could totally make it a personal decision instead of one based on true merit. Of course I would never do so. I just find it interesting how these situations can arise.

Caitlin called me jaded today. I’m not jaded! Not really.

I’m coughing and sneezing now. Not good. But mostly its the feeling cold. I am not a fan of this feeling cold business. Yesterday night I was hot. I turned the fan on and went to bed. Apparently the head was on. The fan was blowing heat at me! No wonder I was uncomfortably warm. Well, possibly the fever had a bit to do with it.

CV = anti VC haha. not quite but i still liked it.

My next post will likely not be until at least sunday night when i return. could be as late as tuesday. but likely sunday night or monday. Anticipate pictures.

Have a good weekend y’all.

You can catch me at the…

You can’t take the sky from me.


One response to “You can’t take the sky from me..

  1. i smelt cheese/broccolli soup while reading. interesting effect you have decided to add to the entry. a useful answer to when asked “so, how are you feeling?” just say alhamdulillah (All Praise/Thanks is to God), and then lie, or just say “eh”. i like that word. shmeh is nice too.

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