tuesday bloody tuesday

alright, so pictures will have to wait a bit. I can’t find my camera cable. Thats not good. I’m sure its around somewhere though.

ok, let me quickly recap the last several days

Leave work early around 5. Take the subway home. Get home by 540. Cab comes to pick me up at 545. Get downstairs w/ my suicase loaded and ready to leave by 555. Get to LeGuardia by 615. Plenty of time for 8pm flight. It leaves 30mins late, but arrives only 5mins late. 940pm in Sauga. Get back home around 1030.

Went for prayers. Renewed my driver license. Went out for dinner with my cousins. For the most part a lot of fun. Ate at Tarboosh. Can’t say my meal was the greatest, but it was new and wasn’t bad either. Next we went bowling. I bowled a 141 in the first game. Not bad. 2nd game didn’t finish but i wasn’t doing nearly as well. Overall good night.

Convocation. Rather boring. I dont think Convocation can occur on days where it doesn’t rain. Just not possible. I saw a few people. But I don’t know. It wasn’t how I’d imagined it to be. Things are rarely as we picture them though. The night was fun. I went to dinner with Darrin, James, Seiji, Omar. Later went for pool. I didn’t do great. But again not bad either. Darrin wasn’t really on his game either. He ended up winning more games than I did. But it was teams so I dn’t care too much. He could brag a lot more if it were individual. I won the last game of the night though so that was good. Always like to leave on a good note. And hey, the current champ is the one that last one won right? right? We went to Tims later and Ben and Shahzad showed up for that. Just hung out and talked. It was nice.

Went to Hamilton to visit some relatives. Went to my Nani’s grave for fatiyah. Went to the airport to fly back. I had a 530pm flight. Left 30min late, arrived only 20mins late though. I bought the book The Historian while waiting at the terminal. I’m reading a chapter on the subway ride to work and subway ride back home and then about a chapter again at home. Its really good. And i’m only on page like 75 of 700.

Such a long day of work. Crazy busy. Writing a spec that I wasn’t sure in what I was doing. But I figured it out and it turned out well enough. At night, I go to bed early cause I’m not feeling well. Late at night I suddenly hear Anojan yelling. He’s jumping up and down saying he hurt himself. I was half-asleep and wanted to get up to see what was happing but just couldnt. I hear something about his hand and blood and something to wrap it up. Punit and Anojan go downstairs to call an ambulance. I wake up 30mins or so later I think. Still not feeling well, I get up lean/sit against my desk drinking some water. Bang my desk gives way and I almost impale my behind with 3 screws. I go to the bathroom to get my advil. Blood all over the floor and in the sink. I take 1 advil. And start cleaning it up. I know I didn’t have to clean it up, but I feel bad I didn’t get up when Anojan as hurt. I clean for awhile. Take another advil. And finish up. Advil kicks in and I feel better. Grab some carrots and some bread and peanut butter. sit down to eat cause well i went to bed early so this is my dinner. Punit comes back says anojan is getting stitches but should be fine.

Anojan tells me he hurt his hand (cutting it and a bit of the muscle) when trying to turn off the heat in his room. His hand touched a hot pipe and while pulling away he hit a metal edge. A rather huge cut. But inshaallah he’ll be fine now.

Another long day at work. This whole week is quite busy. I need to come in early cause i’m having a lot of trouble lately concentrating in the afternoons. I’m getting thirsty and tired.

k, thats about all for now. maybe something more interesting tomorrow. maybe i’ll find my camera cable and then we can all look at some pictures. snap snap

they call pictures snaps in india. i found that intresting.


7 responses to “tuesday bloody tuesday

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  2. i think snaps are short for snapshots. and isnt it nice to have a normal couple of days sometimes? days of eating, bowling, playing pool and just being there with ppl? i would have to say so.
    do you really believe that we are who we choose to be? i just think we are who we are. and that can change, sometimes not by our will. its a scary thought, and a lot of ppl deny it.
    may your naani rest in His Mercy inshallah. may you meet her again, in the midst of jannah. ameen.
    ok, its late, i want to sleep. this blogging thing is kinda fun.

  3. Won 5 out of 7 games son! you can believe what you want, but I’ll always be the champ! Next time practice before you come back to play.

  4. In a team sport you can’t take all the credit and I can’t take all the fault. We need to play one on one for you to really be able to say anything.

  5. whoa, you guys should be carefully! shedding all that blood, ugh. O_o

  6. well, when you’re the weakest part of your team, it’s easy to place fault. You should be happy you had a teammate to pick up the slack so you could even get a win. Remember, you brought this on yourself, thinking you can beat me. MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  7. farah:
    snaps are short for snapshots yes. I just find it neat they call it that cause i don’t hear anyone else do that.

    And yes its great to have a few days with ppl you know and close with. its really really good.

    I think we are who we choose to be in the sense that we can say we want to do this. Or wish for that. But until we decide to really do it, it doesn’t happen. You can talk about dieting or going to the gym or studying more, or going to masjid more or anything. But a person has to make a conscious decision to actually do so. And has to stop talking and choose to actually do it. but yeah, obviously things beyond our control do shape our lives and who we are.

    thank you for the well wishes for me and my nani.

    blogging is highly addictive and fun. You should blog more often.

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