My Cousins Alia, Saara, and Aisha.

My sister Umber and I.

James striking the cue with force! Omar, Seiji, Darrin watching.

6 Ball side pocket. Darrin pay attention. Watch and learn!

Shahzad and I at convocation. Done and Done!!!

I just like this shot.

Omar, James, and I.

Me at bowling. Posted by Picasa


3 responses to “Pictures!

  1. nice pix guy…but where am i?!?! 😦

  2. you actually only got in 1 pic and were off to the side?

    besides how you going to complain about your picture not being up when you already complain about your picture being taken?

  3. Hey Ahmed or MO.. .but u do not allow me to call you MO.. mo sound much better than Ahmed :P. ooh well nice pic.. then of course it will even more nicer if I were in the pic LOL. Anyway, your bday is coming up, … soo happy early bday in case I don’t remember to say it on your bday date.

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