blah, iftar, boo, bengali, trust, distrust, sick, happy halloween!

Not sure when I last updated. Quick recap of some things, not so quick of other things.

Was blah, felt blah.

I again was feel quite blah.

I met some ppl for iftar at a pizza place. Really nice place. The place use to be a cathedral. So its got these houge (haha i mis-spelled it and i think thats how trump would would say it). Anyhow its big and has wonderful art work of the city inside. Everyone I met was quite nice and friendly too. I had the futtucine alfredo. I like alfredo much more than maranara’s. It was houge too! hehe. At least it felt that way, my stomach has definitely shrunk.

After dinner went to this Haunted House with the group. While waiting in line there was this one guy (an employee) with a pyscho clown costume on. Man that mask was kinda freaky. It certainly scared this one person a ton. The house itself I didn’t find too scary. The sets and displays were all really well done. But I was more scared by the fear of something jumping out at me than anything that actually happened.

After that went to platters. Basically a halal food cart/truck. Cheap and tasted quite good. Started getting a bit cold and then it was on the guys bdays and ppl had brought ice cream cake. Which was quite good but made me feel even colder. But we just talked outside for awhile. One of the people said they thought i was Bengali? First time I’ve heard that one.

Its really weird. When I first see people its like I don’t see them. I see who I already know in them. I see a person and I’m like thats Alia or thats Erum or thats Aamir or whoever. And then as I talk to them, that fades away and they become there own person. I wonder, does anyone else experience that much?

We all seperated around 12. I took the F-train back to brooklyn. So tired on the train felt like sleeping. Got home around 1am. NY really isnt scary anymore. Walking back at 1am on the streets of brooklyn, the only thing I was thinking of was my bed.

I get home check my messages. Yes, I actually had messages! ok ok so it was just my mom and my cousin…

I talk to some people and man. So much Drama going on right now. Crazy. Inshaallah everything works out for everyone. But I’m very…I am very happy to know that some people truly trust me. And don’t bother asking questions as to who things are happening to people cause there is no wayI’m betraying that trust.

Also on the matter of trust. There are some ppl I’ve decided, sadly, that I just can not trust entirely. That I have to be slightly on guard with them. I’m sad that, that is the case. But at least I know I have others. Feels like a lot of this has been discovered for me in the last year. Who I can and cannot trust. And how far and with what.

I was annoyed with the one person cause how can you be friends and then just cut me out entirely like that. And without saying anything. Bah to you. Good thing they weren’t really a friend. Well obviously not eh, haha. But it was annoying cause didn’t even say anything. Actually x2 but 2nd was to a much lesser extent.

I had iftar at work today, as usual. Wasn’t feeling great after it. Was wishing for some chocolate. And voila, co-workers announce the have chocolate. pot of gold! i got my self the entire top tray actually. hehe. but now i feel kinda weird from the chocolate. or probably the indian food i have for iftar.

almost entirely healthy now. i’m only experiencing 1 symptom at a time for this entire sickness. fever, runny nose, sneezing, headaches, dry cough, congested cough, and etc. but all one at a time. i can’t think of many more symtoms i could go through so i think im almost in the clear now.

k, Happy Halloween peoples!


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