Its the most wonderful time of the year…

Hey its your bday, going to party like its….just a regular day. Yes, its my birthday today. I’m 24. Some people remembered. Some people didnt. Its normal. A few people have been asking me what I’ll be doing tonight. The answer? dun dun da…Nothing! I’l have iftar at my desk like usual. Go back to work after that. Probably go to the gym cause I was lazy and didn’t go yesterday. Maybe grab some food on the way home. Probably eat it in bed hopnig my internet connection is up. And maybe read a bit. I’m getting behind in my readnig. So yeah, just a regular day.

I didn’t really do much for my last bday. I was in India so it was only me and Karthik. His bday is coming up soon. The 11th or 15th I think. The year before that? Hmm..can’t recall. Probably busy with midterms. I thought about bringing in something to work. But since I’m fasting, didn’t seem to make much sense.

Its weird. Life.

Tomorrow could very well be Eid.

I feel like I should be really happy, thats its my bday. That I should want to do stuff and celebrate and whatever. And well 1 its not really possible. 2 I also feel like I don’t care. Not really. This post sounds depressing to me. I’m not depressed. Each bday message and card i received made me smile. =)

Its the most wonderful time of the year.
but then, its just an Ordinary day.


One response to “Its the most wonderful time of the year…

  1. hey come to my place, I have nba league pass and raptors game is tonight, 7pm.

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