chatting is my life……

I was thinking to myself yesterday that Thursdays are the best day of the week. You get to look forward to it being Friday the next day. And Fridays signify the end of the week. So on thursday you can already look forward to the weekend. Then you look forward to it being pay day on Friday every other week. And then Thursday I can watch Survivor and Apprentice, OC, Smallville. Well I only watch the first 2 actually. But there is stuff to watch. Friday is nice, but I dont’ really have weekend plans usually. So I think Thursday is nicer.

That said, oh gosh am I glad its Friday. This has been a hectic week again. I like it that way, I like being kept busy and having a lot to do. Its fun and I enjoy the responsibility. But I had this 3+hr meeting on yahoo IM with ukraine guy today. It was highly productive which is great, but man oh man, thats way too long. particularly going non-stop. it just drained me of all my energy. i feel like i could go to sleep right now.

Sigh, I can’t continue this blog right now. I have to get some more things done at work. I’m gonna have to take some work home thsi weekend too. I need to update a spec for monday morning. well really sunday night i think…..hmm….

i want to see wicked….& harry potter…..any new yorkers out there reading this interested? i think i can talk anojan into potter.


One response to “chatting is my life……

  1. You forgot about Alias on Thursdays! But it’s moving to Wednesdays starting next week, hehe.

    If you were back in ‘sauga I’d watch Harry Potter with ya! =P

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