Will you come to the edge?

8 days since my last blog. Thats quite some time. Well lets get to it then. The recap.

Thursday and Friday last week were Thanksgiving holidays here. So I took half a day off on Wednesday. Leaving work at 12 I took the subway to Grand Central Station. From there I took a train to New Haven. From New Haven Caitlin picked me up and we start driving back to Canada, ~4pm. The weather was fine the whole way through until the last Toll about 20mins from the border. Snow. And then we cross the border and it starts snowing harder. We’re like great, this doesn’t help the Canadian image, hehe.

Anyhow, she’s taking me to Jenn’s place in Hamilton where my parents will pick me up. Now she concentrating on the road cause of the snow, I’m fiddling with her Ipod (btw I decided I’m going to buy myself a video Ipod, well depending on a few factors to be decided next week…scary!). Anyhow, so I look up at the road and all of a sudden I’m like……wait a sec…yo…why are we coming up to Royal Windsor Drive? Hahaha we don’t get lost at all the whole way until we get back to Canada! We are like 1 exit away from the one I’d take to get home now. I call up my parents and they tell me they are waiting at Jenns house. I tell them I’ll be there shortly. haha. Too funny, it was a fun trip and fun hanging out and talking with Caitlin. I finally got home at about 130am. 9.5hr drive not bad, 13.5 hr trip total, meh what you gonna do?

Thursday I hung out with family, it was great!

Friday, I met up with 17! friends for dinner at Jack Astors, and then we went to Jessani’s house and played ping pong (better luck next time jessani!) and board games, play station, raptors game watching, and just hanging out and talking. Didn’t get home til near 4. Good times.

Saturday more hanging out with family and went out with my cousin rasheed. lots of fun.

Sunday it was time to go home. Left Hamilton close to 1230pm. Traffic at the border was insane! we didn’t finish crossing til ~330pm or so! The drive after that was fine. It was Caitlin, Anojan, and I on the way back and we had some good talks, word games, and laughs. Got to Hartford around 1030, New Haven around 1130, train back to NY got us there at 2am and then subway back home at 230am. Long trip, but the weekend overall was just great. It was really really nice to see family and friends and be able to hang out with ppl. Just hanging out and talking and yeah, just a lot of fun.

Next week will be a scary week at work. But I don’t feel like discussing it. Some of you already know anyways. Maybe I’ll talk about it next week. We’ll see. Today was a great day at work. A lot of little work. A lot of delegation. And you know, the person delegating doesn’t seem like he’s doing a lot, but you’d be surprised. And I’m starting to sympathize with those waterloo Profs and TA’s a bit more. My ukraine developer nitpicks about my specs all the time. And my Romanian developer, I keep on having to repeat things to him. But yeah today was fun, got a bunch of things accomplished and its a good week so far. I’m actually at work right now even though its 8pm. I just wanted to finish up some more stuff and then I’m heading down to Rockefeller centre for the Christmas Tree lighting.

I’m getting fat! I really need to do cardio. And to start being more careful with the food that I’m eating. Not just for trying to be healthy though.

I took some pictures on the weekend. I’ll put them up….lets say friday. or Saturday. I got no plans for the weekend. Though I think i will either catch a show or go to a museum. I’m not sure yet. Actually, i need to do some prep for next week this weekend too.

k, thats all for now.

Come closer to the edge he said. We are afraid they said. Come closer to the edge he repeated. They came. He pushed. They started to fly.


One response to “Will you come to the edge?

  1. i didnt wanna say ne thing and ruin ur trip when i saw u ova a da weekend but guy it did look like u put a few extra pounds on…well acutally it look like 10 pounds but if u say 4 i take ur word 4 it..:)

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