Grand Central Station, where I take the train to New Haven.

I think this is Caitlins favourite pose.
Somehow I end up with what seems like a lot of these pictures.

On the drive to Canada.

Dinner at Jack Astors with some of the gang.

Jessani, Ken, June, Myself, and haha Ben got cut off up top.

Later that night some Setters at Jessani’s house.

Natasha and Shahzad. I think I surprised them.

Adil and Jessani.

Weekend flew by, Driving home now.

Anojan: Noooo! I forgot Battlestar Galatica at home!!!

Yesterday, I tried to go see the Tree Lighting at Rockefella Centre.
I couldn’t get through the mob. This is the crowd when I’m still 2 blocks away.

I did get to see some very nice decorations at Macy’s departmentstore though. Posted by Picasa

6 responses to “Pictures!

  1. nice pix…but how come you dont have ne of me up there..jerk..haha

  2. It’s spelled “Rockefeller”..tee hee 😛

  3. oops 😛

  4. why do the captions keep shrinking with each pic? O_o

  5. Do they? They seem to be all the same size when I look at the page. Anyone else seeing things differently?

  6. It’s a Mozilla-only thing it seems.

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