Paper Clips Yo! Paper Clips!

I’m in a pretty good mood. Work is going well, though still a lot of things to be figured out about that. I’m not happy with my weight, but I’m healthy, and i’m improving there. I’m gonna go to a check out a Comedy Club tomorrow (Thursday), Friday is Narnia! AND AND we got paper clips yo! Thats right paper clips! hehe, ok. so its not a huge deal. but i didn’t have any at work for the longest time. And now I do. You don’t know how much this will help. stacks and stacks of paper on my desk can now be organized into….papercliped stacks hehe. but seriously, this really was good.

I just had a shower, ate some food. its 1215am. Um, I feel energized. Not tired. Not sleepy. I want to take on the world and I feel like working, as crazy as that sounds. I want to tackle my latest projects. I’m sure i’ll feel differently in the morning, when I’m all tired and stuff.

You know what, I’m almost suffering withdrawl. I kind of miss coding. Its fun. I also miss web development. But I like what I’m doing more. I’m gonna compensate by just making my newer specs even more technical inshaallah. heh, just write out some stuff in pseudocode.

Funny story. But I can’t write it here. Cause some people that read this. Aren’t allowed to know this story.

I wonder if I need to give the ppl at work a gift or something for xmas. And what about the doormen. I guess I should probably get the doormen a card. Maybe just bring in a box of chocolates or something for xmas. I don’t know.

I need to buy a hat. I want to buy a jacket too. Did I talk about that already? I dont feel like checking. I want to buy a warmer tuque, and a thinner coat. I like the black/grey ones. But then those are so common now. I think I actually want soething without the front breast flaps though. More of a flat front. Maybe sherwani style. But if a it had a hood that would be cool too. First I need shoes though. Definitely shoes. I’m already starting to slip and slide when walking. Almost fell down the stairs going to the subway the other day too.

k, i’m out. some last min msn’ing and then off to bed. g’nite all.

On the rooftops shouting out,
Baby I’m ready to go
I’m back and ready to go
From the rooftops shout it out!


One response to “Paper Clips Yo! Paper Clips!

  1. get a bed guy…a BED!!! da thing ppl sleep on…its soft and warm…and much better than a hard would floor..haha

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