and then there was 1

I’m tired. This will be a short update.

Sunday I did laundry, no that was saturday. Sunday I did groceries. And went to the gym. And watched Survivor. Its over now. Stephane lost (YES!) and Danni won (not bad). Now the only show I watch is Apprentice. And theres only 1 more episode of that left. After that….I don’t know. I might just give up tv watching. There is nothing I really feel the need to watch. And I do feel the need to read or go watch movies which I don’t do as often as I use to.

Monday, was work. I had a talk with Ukraine guy cause I wasn’t happy with his communication (or lack thereof). Then had a long meeting with Romania guy. There was a group review meeting in the afternoon. I have to review 4 guys and 3 (or more) will review me. Results sent off and consolidated then we’ll get it back in early Janurary. I also talked to Tom about a few other things that I want to dicuss. I’ll see what he says. My last email was around 830 and everyone else had already left the office. I was there late tonight b/c I wanted to send Romania guy an updated spec but had spent time talking to him in the morning, then testing the work of Romania guy and other work in the afternoon so I didn’t get started on it til late. Funny cause that was the 1st document I opened in the morning too. The first thing I had wanted to finish.

Oh well. I was working then around 730pm, Caitlin calls me and says she’s in town. She came for a shoe sales. So I said I have to work for awhile and she said she’ll shop for awhile and call me back. I do some more work and then leave around 830. I meet up with her and one of her friends in China town and we have dinner and talk. Afterwards her friend and her head back to the train station and I had home. Try to buy some home supplies on my way home but its past 10 and the stores nearby are closed. I don’t feel like walking further out, its cold. So get home, change check my mail (my real mail, not email). And then sit down. Probably started around 11-1130 and its 130am now. Finally finished and email out! Kinda feeling tired. Knowing I should sleep, but I didn’t get a enough just chill time so I wish I could stay up. I want some ice cream actually. But none here. oh well. I could read but i know id read only a few pages before feeling really tired. i have a few emails to respond to as well. I’ll do so during lunch tomorrow.

I’ve pretty much decided i’m taking the bus home on the 22nd. So I’ll be free to do things from the 23rd to the 1st. I have to send my laptop in for repairs once i get home so best way to get a hold of me will be my cell. its still the same old 416 number. I only have a week. I know the time will fly. Probably wont’ get to see everyone either, but oh well. Let see what happens. Let me know what days are best for you guys. Til next time.

a bumble bee beside me
who knows not how she came to be
wonders where she ought to be
oh my, what a curiousity

The thing is, a moment, only lasts for a moment.


One response to “and then there was 1

  1. da last line in da blog is Pimp…moment only lasts 4 a moment…and da blog was so so..haha jokes..and i know da feelin when u get home from work and just wanna chill but its already past 12! good thing is my co-op ends on da 23rd!!! < 10 workin dayz..YAY

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