I didn’t do it.

Wow, I’m at 1987 hits! 2000 hit person better leave a comment! Counter is on the right hand column if you hadn’t noticed! And they get a prize! (Don’t worry Benson, I remember I still owe you a chocolate bar too).

Alright so whats going on with me lately. Last week was super busy at work, hence the lack of blog updates. I handed in a self-review to Tom which we’ll be discussing later this week to decide on my bonus. And then we’ll be doing a full review (where others and himself review me) in January to talk about Salary. Should be fun =). I have to review 3 other ppl myself by later this week. Thats not so much fun.

I saw King Kong. I didn’t know what to expect at all cause I’ve seen neither the original or the remake, but I really liked it. I want to see the new Jim Carey movie (did I spell his name right?) coming out this friday now. That was Saturday night. When I saw the movie.

During the day, Anojan invited some of his co-workers over for a sort of christmas party. They were all very nice ppl and it was fun. The games we played were cool. Not at first though. Cause we’re all tech geeks. And well, describing them we kinda (well not me) became geekier. We were playing a couple games and in explaining the rules ppl aren’t understanding at first. So then a couple people are think of token passing algorithm. And someother is like no no, its public and private keys. The best analogy though really is tcp/ip protocols in message passing with awk and awk back. So yeah, half the ppl were talking about that and the other half were groaning about the analogies. It was fun though. We played a game called 7 and then we played Mafia.

Mafia is a game where there is a killer in the group and the group has to figure out who it is before the killer kills everyone. Anojan WITHOUT FAIL accused me each and every round! Half the people left before we started so we only had 8 or so ppl for the game, but it was still a lot of fun. Hopefully we can play again sometime.

oh oh, there was one point during the game 7. ok there is 1 guy in the middle, Ian, who wasn’t aware of what was going on because Ian has to count with his eye closed at the start (no its not hide and seek). And then 1 guy behind him does something and EVERYONE starts luahging. So Ian stops and is like what happend? And Alex says while laughing, someone just did the dumbest stupidest thing. And Ian turns right to ANOJAN and says his name with a question. And everyone bowls over laughing cause it was Anojan. I would explain what but its hard to without explainging the game so i won’t bother.

I found out Jenise is taking snobbing to a new level. She waits to visit the place I move til when I’m coming back home and wont’ be there. Such a snob!

This week should go by quickly. I have a lot of work. Tuesday I have the regular developers meeting and marketing meetings to attend. Then at night I’m meeting one of my friends and going to the bookstore at union square. Wednesday is a slightly shorter day (til 530 still) cause its the office christmas dinner. Then Thursday I’m returning back back! I leave Thursday night and I’ll be back Friday morning! Til Jan 2nd. Let me know your plans ppl! I want to be doing something every day. I don’t plan to rest very much.

My cousin Rasheed might return with me to NY to hang out for a few days so that will be cool. Meaning even less rest when I come back, but its cool. I’m looking forward to finally doing a few things in NY I haven’t had the chance to do yet.

Tomorrow might be the start of a NY transit strike though. Which means no running subways. That sucks! As much as working from home would be kinda chill (and really I think I would get a ton done) it would mean I can’t get anywhere. I’m totally dependent on public transportation here! And its not easy to get a cab in Brooklyn. Manhattan a cinch but Brooklyn, not so much. So I’d have to figure out a way to get to Port Authority on Thursday to take the GreyHound to toronto. Also my plans for tomorrow and wednesday would be kind of shot then. Blah, well we’ll see what happens.

I was talking to some co-workers while we all walking to Quiznos for lunch. And I mentioned how I want a thinner jacket. Like a black wool jacket or something. And then they are like oh, its not cold enough for the canadian, you want a light jacket, maybe just wear a t-shirt or something. haha, if they only knew how i compare to pretty much everyone and dont’ like the cold.

sometimes you do wonder, is it worth it?

i haven’t excercised in awhile. quite awhiel. its cause i hurt my arm. its almost 100% better now but it still hurts in certain positions if i put presssure on it. so i decided i’ll just work out again once i return after holidays. i’m eating bad foods though. however! i’m not eating very much at all. like very little. so overall i think my calorie intake isn’t bad. i’ve been living off of like 1.5-2 meals a days. usually 1 normal one. and then peanut butter or turkey breast cold cut sandwiches. and/or ice cream. =)

i had the poor ukraine guy working til 2-3am his time on friday. I told him we are rolling out to production and I need these bugs closed today. But i recommended he get 80% of his bonus this month so its good.

I think i feel like eating some ice cream now. I’m kinda getting hungry again.

And I ask myself oh why oh why

Bono one of times man(men) of the year? cool

I have 200 pages left in my book. And I have 4 books sitting waiting for me to be read. And theres 3 books more on my mind that i want to read. Although i want to go out when i go home. i’m gonna spend a lot of time reading too. i want to finish 2 books while i’m at home.


3 responses to “I didn’t do it.

  1. darn..i was 6 hits too late.. 😦

  2. this strike business is makin me nervous…da strike better b ova by da time i reach…cause back packin through NYC aint da safest thing…but i’ll do it if i have 2…:)

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