I’m back.

So we were having the NYC transit strike. A big big pain. I won’t go into the details but I’m not on the unions side. Though my opinion is based on the news articles I read, who knows how much the full story they tell. Anyhow, I was forced to work from home. That I thought would be relaxing, but really, it isn’t. Its hard to work from home and cumbersome too sometimes. I’m a ton more productive at work. The one good thing was that if I’m forced to work from home, I might as well work from home in Sauga. So I left a day earlier than planned. My bus leaves Port Authority at 845. I went to the car service people at 130pm to arrange a car. They are like no problem, just call us as 6pm. So I call at 530. I’m sorry we’re all booked, click.

Ahh!!! I need a cab. I decide ok, I should just leave now. I pack a couple more last minute things and I’m out the door by just before 6. I go outside and walk a couple blocks to the next car service ppl. I’m hoping they can help me out otherwise its gonna take me 3hrs to walk to port authorty. I go there and YES they can give me a lift. I wait there 20mins and then we leave. They pick up a few more ppl on the way (just the way it is with the strike). But traffic is packed! Its nuts! After picking up people, I notice it is now 640 and I am exactly 1 block from my apartment. Listening on the radio in the car, Avenues 1& 2 are fully jammed. Actually entire east side is backed up. West is a mess by avenue 10&11 are going alright. Every bridge is jammed, except Holland Tunnel since its hard just to get to holland tunnel. But the driver was good, we did a round about route taken 11th avenue and got to Port Authority by a bit before 8. So its was fine. Normally by subway, this would take me 35mins.

Anyhow, I take the bus home, it was rather uncomfortable and cold. The heating system on the bus was broken. And I didn’t really sleep much at all. I got to Toronto at 720am. Got home, had some cereal and then went online for a full day of work. man oh man, so exhausted. I stayed up later than I should have that night too. I went to bed, and fell asleep before evening closing the lights. A deep deep sleep. oh so nice. I woke up around 9. turned the lights off, put my book that i had originally planned to read on the shelf and went back to bed. Woke up around 11.

Friday night, yesterday. I went to Jenise’s house where she was having a potluck. I haven’t seen her for at least 8 months, and i’m not sure but its possible I just haven’t seen her this year. crazy. Anyhow, played a bit of poker, I lost coming in 4th of 6th. Played War with Benson. Man, fastest game of WAR ever! Benson getting lucky and stealing my Aces…grr..After that Benson and I went to Demetres to meet up with Gordon and Loretta. It was fun catching up a bit and just talking and hanging out. I don’t get to do that enough in NY. I also got a lot of compliments on my appearance which was cool and just also put me in a good mood.

Today, I’m going out to dinner with my cousins at Ming Room. And then? not sure, a movie or something with them. Its nice to be back home. Its nice to be able to make plans to do something everyday.

Its nice to sleep in a real bed. I’m having pretty deep sleeps. And some interesting dreams. Some good….some not so good…

Dec 30th, going bowling and maybe dinner or something with friends. Contact me if you’re interested in going as well.

Oh, oh. I past 2000 hits and then some. But stupid 2000th person never left a comment! BOOOO. Don’t be shy people. You know, some people (more than 1 easily) tell me they don’t leave comments cause they don’t know my other friends or anyone else that I know. Um…So what? This is my blog, just leave a comment. Some ppl say they don’t leave a comment cause they talk to me directly. Thats cool. I do prefer direct communication…so ok, thats cool. Anyways, the 3000th person better leave a comment when the time comes!


One response to “I’m back.

  1. Mohammed, give me a call, I have one extra Knicks ticket for tonights game. It’s on me if you reply before 6pm.
    – Noah

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