Here’s part 2. A bunch of pic’s from the past. I couldn’t include everyone, but I think I did get a lot of you. There have been some bad times of course, but there have certainly really really great times. I’m sad that some things can’t be relived, but I look forward to all the great times still ahead. Here are some pictures in fairly random order.

Yo Benson, Whatsup

Hanging out at the CS House.

Just chilling, haha.

haha, Montreal was so much fun.

Eating at Weavers.

Jenise & I out for lunch.

On the steps of MC

Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!

My family & I

Myself, my Nani, Umber, and my Nana

aww, Ali & Adil

The guys pulling a prank on me and switching my room with the livring room. Click to see the larger picture.

The Grad party at my house in waterloo.

Back on the courts at v1

Outside DC

Out for sushi!

Adil, Caitlin, & I at Caitlins for a convocation afterparty.

My CousinBrothers and I.

Seiji, James, Omar, & I at C-Lounge.

Sarah, Zeba, Myself, and Fatima.

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