Pictures from NY & DC

Stories will follow later, including the Producers, scalped Knicks tickets, rainy days in brooklyn, food galore, and of course the crazy woman that pulled out a knife behind me in mcdonalds in Washington. Til then, enjoy the pictures. =)

Random NY pic

Rasheed in Times Square

Me in Times Square

Oh, me again

Skating rink at Rockefeller Centre

Rasheed figuring out the subway system, poor guy was so lost 😛

Part of NY sky line

NY at night from atop the Empire State building

And another

And now with me

One more

k, last one

Myself at the Knicks game

Myself and Rasheed sitting back enjoying the game

Woohoo Go KNICKS (but Raptors will always be my #1 team)

Alia would love this…

In DC by Capital Hill

DC is cold too, brr…

Rasheed with some random statue

Myself and Rasheed in DC

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One response to “Pictures from NY & DC

  1. nice pix. Looks like you had an amazing time! I just posted a few from my trip although everytime I was sight seein’ i seemed to have forgotten my camera – ha ha. Anyways great pix! keep em comin’

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