welcome to the jungle

I have a lot to write and catch ppl up on. But now is not the time. Its late. I’m kinda tired. I just felt like writing though. Though I don’t always write here, for some reason I felt why the heck not. Today I woke up in a great mood. Well tired of course, I always am. But once i’m up for awhile I’m good. The weather was great and I was feeling good. Coming off a good weekend. And morning at work went well. The afternoon though…not so much. Well not that it was bad. Really, I’m just really hard on myself sometimes. Much much more than I need to be for sure.

But I think thats fine. Only way I’ll improve on things is if I want it. I was hard on myself this afternoon. I got a bit (more than a bit) upset at myself and in general. But I’m alright. And things aren’t bad. And tomorrow I get back up and go to work. And I’ll steal a line from Brent. I am determined to succeed. When I think about it, really I am the only person that can really make me succeed and really make myself fail. I have to make sure I do the right things and also don’t let myself bring myself down either.

Alright, so ok thats good. I like to leave off on a positive note. And I do feel positive right now. Overall. k, i’m thirsty. A drink and then to bed. I bid thee all, adieu.


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