Pictures from CT

I was going to write some stories to accompany this. But blogger was giving me issues and now I don’t feel like it. So for now its just pictures, yeah yeah you guys are so disappointed I know. Dont worry. maybe tomorrow I’ll add to this or probably just post again.

“Please open….”
Caitlin, after locking the keys inside…with the car running!

Me in some new clothes from outlet shopping.

Crazy Conneticut Caitlin attacking me!!!!

Anojan wants to try on some new clothes too!!

Anojan…what are you doing?
haha kidding, i’ll vouch for him, it was a scratch. Posted by Picasa

One response to “Pictures from CT

  1. 3012 man. so i can lie and say i’m 3000th hit.

    now you owe me 2 chocolate bars.

    yes, i come to visit your page for free chocolate bars. you are Mohammed and the Chocolate Factory. maybe you should just give me your chocolate factory.

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