Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!

Ok, the past few days were a blast. So much fun. Thanks to Jenn, Jane, Darrin, and also Caitlin for coming down for the weekend. We have to do it again inshaallah. Tons of stories, tons of things we did. And I’ll fill you all in later, but for now I’ll give you all what you really want, the pictures. And here are a lot of pictures indeed. Oh and if you happen to be my 3000th hit (the counter is under the list of friends and previous posts in the right column) Leave a Comment Yo! And if my 3000th hit goes by and you notice there is no comment (stupid 3000th person punk) then its ok, lie to me, and leave a comment stating you are the 3000th person 😛 haha, just leave a comment anyways, tell me what you think of the pictures. After looking at them myself…I think I need a threadmill….but my friends left me some chocolate….I’ll finish that first.

Jane & I at Spice.

Freezing outside on the way home from Letterman.

Jenn & I outside CBS Studios waiting to go in for Letterman

Its Rupert! And Darrin, Jenn, myself, and Jane

I’m just chilling in the massage chair…aaahhh…so nice…

Oh, the cake at Spice is SO Good!!!

More Desert

Jane, Jenn, Darrin, Anojan, & Myself at Serendipity

They have some nice deserts there!


Don’t ask how many calories we all had…

Darrin punching out Jane, we’re at the Westside Theatre to go see a Broadway show. It was really good.

We went to KittiChai a Really Super Nice restaurant.

Anojan, Darrin, & I waiting to be seated.

Still waiting.

But wow, it was amazing inside! Nice choice Jane!

Anojan, Myself, Darrin, Jenn inside the restaurant

Jenn and her monk fish.

Anojan’s dinner

My vegetable tofu stir fry

The Pineapple rice.

Jane & Jane in Times Square

Caitlin, Jenn, and Jane on the way to Jersey Gardens for shopping

Jane, Caitlin, Anojan, Myself, & Darrin

We went to the Soup Nazi, though he wasn’t there that day.

The soup was delicious. Jenn, Anojan, Myself, & Darrin eating outside the NY public library.

Anojan, Jane, Myself, & Darrin chilling in my room

Anojan doing his eyelashes, making sure he’s ready to go out tonight.

Anojan admiring his work

Jenn, Darrin, Caitlin, ready to head out for the day. Posted by Picasa

5 responses to “Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!

  1. Ok, Darrin was the 3000th.
    Benson was the 3012. But since Darrin didn’t leave a comment he gets no chocolate, not that he would really want it, so more for me! I still owe Benson too….At current rate I might hit 4k by the end of April.

    Benson left a comment but I have no idea where it is now.

  2. Boy, all those dessert pics are making me drool… 😉

  3. Awesome pics (probably because I took most of them!) Hope you liked the chocolate we left you! And when we have more money to burn, we should definitely check out all those other expensive and swanky restaurants in nyc!

  4. Yeah the Deserts were awesome. You should come down and take you to some of the places Anny, coldstone has the greatest ice cream!

    And Jane, yeah you guys should come again. The chocolates were wonderful! Thank you so much 🙂 Let me know the restaurants, I might go check them out myself.

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