Let it be

Life is a mystery
Everyone must stand alone…

I played squash for the first time in like 8 months or so on Sunday. It was fun. I played against these 2 guys and they were roughly my skill level so it was good. It pushes you to play harder and better.

I feel so sore though! Oigh, my legs and..back and yeah my body just is sore. It hurts to walk up steps.

I’m so dumb. I was hungry but it was early to go for lunch and I didn’t want to go early for lunch in case ppl notice (not that it really matters) but I was takign off work to go out early today anyways. So I’m waiting and then finally Pete and Andrei say they are going for lunch (early yay!) and then Aaron asks if I want Sirtaj, the closest indian place that he normally gets food from. So yeah I order some food through him and give him some cash. And right after he leaves, i remember, I brought lunch today!

My newest hat, The Dentist.

Ok, so on msn there is a plugin, the stuffplug-in actually. It gives you a wide variety of things to do, mostly larger display pictures and message size limits, and transparency of windows, and hiding ads, etc. But also it can tell you when someone has excited the chat window with you or closed the chat window on you. Its interesting the sort of behaviour you see from ppl. In the old version you could see when ppl open a chat window with you. Many ppl open a chat window to you and then close it without saying anything. Are they just checking out my picture? Or my name? odd. Found out about that feature from Darrin.

Side note: not much reason to mention darrins name here at all. it doesn’t really add anything. But apparently he only reads this blog for pictures of if his name is present. So Thus, its present. He’ll probably only read this paragraph and call it a waste of his time :P. I can’t really argue either 😛

Anyhow, whats also interesting is when ppl close the window. People message and say something or ask something and then without waiting for a response close it on you. Like for instance, I had a conversation something like:

friend: Hi?
me: Oh hey
friend: Hey! How are you? I’ve missed you! I haven’t talked to you in so so long.
MSN: friend has left the conversation
Me thinking, huh? Seems odd to tell someone you miss them and close the window on them.

But i know, its habit for a lot of ppl to just press esc after the message. I’ve done it before myself.

Oh, I just thought of a good prank on Anojan…maybe its a bit mean though….hmmm….i’ll wait til april fools.

I got a haircut on Sunday. My hair is now much much MUCH too short….hopefully all will be good in about 2 weeks time though.

So it’ll soon be done. My old cell phone service is almost up. 4+ years, about 24k minutes, i can’t recall how many calls. Its over, over and done with. I haven’t transferred any numbers over. I haven’t given my new number out much either. I guess I should do that. Its not a rush though. I don’t expect anyone that doesn’t have it to try and call me.

People that live and work close to home, close to family are lucky. Very very lucky. You miss out on so much being away. You miss out on tons…


5 responses to “Let it be

  1. was the friend who closed out the window me?

  2. haha no, well maybe you do it too, i’m not sure. I had a few ppl in mind but you weren’t one of them.

  3. Random_Canadian_Reader

    Where would one find this feature? i.e. seeing who opens a window on you?

    Great site btw, its a great read.

  4. Actually the window opening thing doesn’t really work anymore. With the latest version of msn where you have the display picture on the contact list it interferes with this feature. You can still find out other things like when a person closes the chat window or whatnot. Do a google search on msn stuffplugin and you’ll find it. Becareful not to install the sponsor programs though, there is a trick question option during the install. Sponsor programs are not good at all so becareful you select the right option and don’t install.

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