In this world there’s real and make believe

Walking on, walking on broken glass…..

Its been a week already eh. Just been busy I guess. Lets see, a quick recap first then. I left off on Friday. So friday I met up with Maria and I think we went for food. Then Saturday I met up with Romana, Romana, and Nadeem and I think we went for food. After that we met up with Zeeshan at a lounge for some ppls bday parties. I don’t know who. The lounge was just kinda meh though so they decided to take off for hookah. But they were going to Queens and it was like 2am and so I just went home to Brooklyn. Sunday, I met up with Romana, Zeeshan, and I forget the name of the other girl, Zeeshans friend, for brunch. Mmm…pancakes. Though by the end of it I was pancaked out. I think I’m good on pancakes for a few months now. Anyhow, after brunch we tried catching a movie but I had plans for later that evening so I just went home. Took a nap, then later met up with Ikram and Ikhtiar for squash.

I played fairly well, won more than I lost. but I guess I wasn’t 100% healthy yet and I was so out of it by the end. Went home and just went to bed feeling pretty ill. Then Monday night Hillary and Vince came down. They crashed at our place til Wednesday. Didn’t really get to hang out with them much cause work and stuff. But it was still nice to have guests and more ppl to talk to.

hehe, Springtime for Hitler in germany! ahah

I was suppose to meet up with them for dinner on wednesday actually, but Anojan mixed up the directions so that didnt end up happening. Oh well, I did manage to get my passport pictures made so I’m going to go apply for my visa next week. I’m excited! Only like 4 -5 weeks til my trip! yay!

Thursday I met up with Maria for some Mexican food. I got the chicken fajita. Its cool, its rare I can find halal non desi (indian) food. It was good but i was really in the mood for tacos (tahts what i got for lunch today at chipotle heeh, veggie though). Then went for desert at tasti-de-lite (is that how its spelt?). Its good, but you know whats really good? Coldstone! Oh man, best ice cream place there is. Beats demetres easily. i went with Darrin, Jenn, Jane, Anojan when those guys were all down here. Any of you visiting NY seriously, go try it!

Funny thing, I’m talking to maria and we are talking about donuts and I start talking about tim hortons. and i’m like i’m not a big donut person, i like tim bits. and she’s obviously like what? i’m like a tim bit. its like this little round donut thingy. and she’s like oh a munch in (or something like that) and now i’m like what? donut-hole. and i’m like ooooh. I still like the name Tim bit. interesting or coincidentallly, Ali msgs me today bout Tim Hortons going IPO soon….interesting….i may look into that.

Another funny story. Ben, Bill, James are visiting Ruth for her bday. They stop at DQ to get her a cake. Caker person says “would you llike anything written on it?” Ben goes, “Happy Birthday Ruth!”. Caker person: “R U T H?”. Ben, turns around to james and bill, “huh? guys am I TH?”
lol, its all good Ben. You’ll always be English Wicked.

Latest lyric stuck in my head:
In this world there’s real and make believe
And this seems real to me

I feel good today. It looks nice outside, though its still cold, but mostly I’m just basically feeling healthy again. I got 1 month to get in shape before my trip. Probably won’t be anything significant, but I don’t know. I’d like to be at least in better shape than I am now before I go see all my relatives again. I was so skinny last time I saw them. I can’t wait. Traveling is so much fun. 🙂


3 responses to “In this world there’s real and make believe

  1. What song are those lyrics from?

  2. Munchkin, not munch in. You are way too much! LOL!

  3. Rohit:
    The song is Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down.

    hehe =)

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