ahmed the chef

Its been over a week again. I haven’t been blogging consistently lately. Not even sure why, I haven’t been that busy. Anyways, so whats new?

Nothing much. I saw Chicago. I went with Umair (he was done for a couple days from Sauga), Aliza, and Anita? or Nita? Something like that, another waterloo’er down from sauga. So Chicago was good. I enjoyed it. It had J. Petterman from Seinfeld which was pretty cool, just to see someone you recognize up there. Didn’t do much else with those guys though. Went to the show than just chilled and talked hanging out in Applebees for a couple hrs. It was fun. Its always nice when people from home come. And its always kinda sad when they leave.

I’ll be going home soon enough though. My visa will take 5-13 business days to go through but then I’ll book my ticket back to Toronto. Can’t wait for my trip. I’m excited! I really feel like I could use the break from work as well. This last week was pretty stressful.

My right eye has started twitching. Just every now and again. Not sure why. Its happened before a couple times. It just goes away after a bit. And it only twitches a couple times a day I think.

I was having an interesting conversation with Darrin a few days ago. Whats more important, loyalty or honesty? I think it depends on the situaiton and the people. But for the most part (i’m not going to get into detail cause i’m actually starting to feel pretty tired right now) loyalty is more important to me. I’m going to be loyal to the ppl I care about before I’m honest with a stranger. Though I do dislike lies in general.

I cooked Queema today! Or Keema or ground beef or whatever you want to call it. AND it turned out alright! hehe, it didn’t quite look right at the beginning. But kept at it and voila it was ok in the end.

I just finished watching Rudy. I love that movie. Its very inspirational. Just belive in yourself. Keep working at it. And your dreams can come true. Just work hard and believe. I’ve always felt I could do anything i want. Though time has passed on a few things. I don’t know, I just always thought, if I really wanted it I could do it (though of course there would be sacrifices).

Ok, there was more I wanted to say. but i’m feeling parched, and tired. so i think i’ll quit here. i’ll write more later.

3 more weeks!


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