I think too much…

Life, Life, I wonder, I wonder, will take me under…

Everyday and every moment in life we are making decisions. Most of the time you don’t think about it. Most things are inconsequential. But then sometimes there are things that make you stop. Not just stop but spin in circles. Going this way and that, and not really sure of what to do. Things are not clear cut, they aren’t black and white. And they can not be examined by making a list or just using clear logic. You go back and forth in your head until you aren’t even sure about anything anymore. Unfortunately, I do tend to overanalyze sometimes. To over-think. In the end, your not exactly happy, but you hope and pray you did the right thing and that it works out for the best. InshaAllah.

….life is confusing…….

I have some friends, Omar and Aamir, visiting this weekend…should be fun.

7 more days and then I’m on vacation…….



One response to “I think too much…

  1. Go to http://www.doodie.com. It’s my release for when I’m thinking too much, and need to refocus on the simple things.

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