Go see Avenue Q!

I think I’ll keep this short b/c I’m tired right now. Its 645pm and I’m at work and I’m tired of being at work but I got a lot to finish up. I’m gonna have to take stuff home.

BUT only 3.5 more days and then I’m off for a month!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to the trip, but 1 step at a time. Well I’m enjoying the current spec I’m working but I mean, for the 1st step, I cant wait to go home. Sleeping in my own bed and seeing my friends again and cousins and it’ll be nice. And Then the trip! And then the India portion of the trip! Fun fun fun.

Omar and Aamir came down this weekend to visit.

Friday we just went walking along Times Square. Times Square is nice and cool and I enjoy looking at it. But really, theres not a huge amt to do right there and its a pain to walk through the crowds.

Saturday was all rainy but we walked in China town for a bit then rented a movie, I forget what, its a forgettable movie, and then went to Comedy Celler which was a really funny comedy show. I recommend that place if you want to see a comedy show.

Sunday we woke up a bit late and had to run to theatre to make our show. We had tickets to Avenue Q. (I’m so out of shape, sigh.) And let me tell you, Avenue Q is AMAZING! Super funny and really really just fun and entertaining. Possibly my favourite show out of all the shows i’ve seen. I’m not sure. Mamma Mia, I love you Your Perfect Now Change, and Lion King were also really good. And then I also enjoyed Chicago, Whos Tommy, Producers, and well Rent wasnt very good though. Just when I was started to get tired of the theatre, Avenue Q makes me want to go see a lot more shows again.

Then after that we grabbed a bite to eat and then went walking all over. Walked basically from 42nd street up to 80th then east to Central Park, across the width of it. Then all the way back down to 45th street in Times Square. Great weather though so it was good.

The only bad part was a bit of racism I experienced while trying to play a game online. Some ppl are so incredibly ignorant its scary. I won’t waste anymore time on that though.

oh and I ate so much chocolate this weekend…hehe. Take care all.


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