In Interlaken

Hey yo. So its like day 10? I don’t know I’ve lost track of time, though sadly it feels like Europe trip is not too far from ending now. Still a good 1 week left and then 1 more week in india though. So far we (rasheed and I) have gone to Amsterdam, Rome, Pompei, Naples, Florence, Pisa, Balogna, Milan, Spidez, and now Interlaken. Its been a blast so far, too incredible to describe. At least for now. I’ll try do tell the stories better when I’m back in NY but a hint of things to come are walking for hours (days) in rome, getting lost in the dead city of pompei, sleeping in the train station in florence, biking in tuscany, almost missing the train to switzerland, the best shawarma ever is found in italy? and so much more. I got a ton of pictures so I’ll show you all later. take care, peoples.


2 responses to “In Interlaken

  1. Pompei is a scary place. Overall i’m glad you are havin a nice time. Sounds like a True Adventure. Hurry up with them pictures man, i’m dyin’ to see whats over there!!!

  2. So you made it to Pompeii after all. Did you see the wall painting of the God of Fertility? So hilarious. I’ve got a pic if you didn’t catch it. 😉

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