In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep…

I’m back from my vacation and it was awesome! I saw so manythings and met so many ppl and just had a total blast. It all went by way too fast though. Now there is no way I can sum it all up but I’ll try to describe a few things here and there, taking on a city per post. Still I know I can’t describe to you my experiences and pictures don’t do justice at all.

So the first stop on my trip was Rome. Well technically there was an 7hr stop over in Amsterdam but I’ll cover Amsterdam later. So arrived in Rome and did a bunch of things. A huge huge amount of walking. Basically Rasheed (the cousin I went on my Europe trip with) were out walking around the city for like 16-18hrs a day. Seriously, I killed my feet. I should have got those air max 360s (so comfy) and we should have paced ourselves better, probably taking another day. Oh well, it was amazing fun. Here are some pics below, maybe next time i’ll include some stories as well.

When in Rome

The Collesium!

Its ginormous!

Rasheed & I inside.

Still inside

Rome Forums

Roman Ruins

The Pantheon was so well preserved inside it was amazing

The Spanish Steps which we marched for hours in search of…by which time most ppl had left..long story..

And we come to the Vatican Museum

The entire inside was amazing

We enter the hallway of maps

Paintings paintings everywhere!


Dinner with some of our friends from the hostel. Posted by Picasa


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