Can you feel the beat?

Can you,
Can you feel the beat
Can you feel the sunshine through the dark
Can you feel the love go straight to your heart

So the next few weeks should be fun. Caitlin was going to visit this weekend, well first I was going to go down there, but then that changed. And now she is obsessed with the World Cup so thats been postponed. But it works out well cause I have plans to hang out with some other friends in Queens Friday and then Saturday I think i’ll go do some shopping.

Next weekend, well lets start with next week first. I get my Creative Zen Vision M!!! woohoo! I was originally planning on getting an Video Ipod but I kept doing more research and this seems like the better buy. Better Audio quality, better screen resolution and colours, and longer battery life. Plus a few other features the Ipod doesn’t have like fm radio and well other stuff but i probably won’t use those. I mainly wanted the longer battery life and better screen. Anyhow I get it Monday (or earlier)!! Can’t wait. I’ve had all these different songs going through my head, It’d be nice to actual be able to listen to them.

Next week I also go into serious mode for gmat studying. As someone I know would say, Its time to put my game face on. Anyhow, as I was saying next weekend I think Vivian and possibly Dave are coming up. That should be fun, no idea what we’ll be doing yet but visitors are allways welcome and fun to have.

The weekend after that, my mom and nana are coming for a day and then the three of us will go visit relatives in NJ. Fun stuff. Time is going quickly. This week started a bit slow. But I had lots to do, just the way I like it. And this morning and yesterday especially I wanted to get so much done, but man those overseas guys. So many questions and requets, half my day is gone before I get started on my own work. But I got it done so is cool.

I have a friend, She’s kinda pessimistic and melancholy a lot. Very much the opposite of me kinda. I’m not a bubbly person by any means. But I’m definitely optomistic and idealistic. At least in some regards. I believe I am anyways. I like to think that way about myself and the world. Is that not enough on its own to make me one? I admit though, its hard not to be cynical or down at times.

I’ve had a lot of weird dreams lately. Doubly weird since I usually don’t even remember my dreams. I’d share some….but no. They’re just kinda weird and not really funny either. Just odd. What strange things emerge from the subconscious mind of…….well me. Well I suppose not so odd considering what emerges from the conscious mind as well. hehe 😛

Oh BBQ! yeah! the 3rd or 4th I’ve lost count but I’ll guess 4th Annual BBQ is on! Probably July 29th at our usual park in Scarborough. All are welcome, though I think the crowd will be different this year. Probably some new faces maybe? and less old, unfortunately. Not everyone can make it all the time. Should be fun though! I’m looking forward to it.

So tired of broken hearts and losing at this game
Before I start this danceI take a chance in telling you
I want more than just romance
You are my destiny, I cant let go baby cant you see
Cupid please take your aim at me


Cherish the thought
Of always having you here by my side (oh baby I)
Cherish the joy
You keep bringing it into my life (Im always singing it)
Cherish your strength
You got the power to make me feel good (and baby I)
Perish the thought
Of ever leaving, I never would
I was never satisfied with casual encounters

I cant hide my need for two hearts that bleed with burning love
Thats the way its got to be
Romeo and juliet, they never felt this way I bet
So dont underestimate my point of view


Who? you! cant get away I wont let you
Who? you! I could never forget to
Cherish is the word I use to remind me of your love
Romeo and juliet, they never felt this way I bet

So dont underestimate my point of view

Who? you! cant get away I wont let you
Who? you! I could never forget to
Cherish is the word I use to remind me of your love

Give me faith give me joy, my boy

I will always cherish you


One response to “Can you feel the beat?

  1. ahem…not EVERYONE is welcome to the bbq….

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