I wrote a post not too long ago that had a song which referenced Alladin and his lamp…Its strange how you associate things sometimes and how those same things or events can reoccur in very parallel ways and yet represent and mean such entirely different things…

Today is the NBA draft. The Raptors have the top pick. I use to be really interested and excited about such things. And yes, I’m still a big raptors fan. And who they pick interests me. I look forward to their success in the future. But I don’t feel any excitement.

Trust is…..very important. Hard to come by and easily lost. It takes time to establish. But when you exhibit trust or its placed in you, it brings you closer to the other person. Yesterday was a good day for that. Actually, much of this last week has.

I’m tired today. My leg was hurting a bit today so I couldn’t walk as fast as I normally do. And I worked out yesterday. And I didnt’ get enough sleep last night. But thats not what I mean. I just feel a bit tired today.

Every night as I toss and turn
Worries and thoughts begin to burn
A hole into my troubled mind
I seek to leave my life behind
Me so I can go where I am free
A place where I can simply be
Myself for all the world to know
The inner me I never show
You all for I think I am scared
Of what you’ll say if I shared
Will you laugh, and point, and stare
Or will anybody even care?
Is there a chance you’ll like my friend?
That this is the start and not the end?
Do I dare to dream of being free?
Of a place where I can simply be?
Am I destined to toss and turn?
Will anybody ever learn
When will people realize
There’s so much more than meets the eyes…


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