Lets Chat

I’m still tired. But today its the I want to go to bed tired. But I didn’t get enough done yesterday so today will be even more busy. And today is Golds day so I need to do that and I took meat out in the morning so I have to cook that…..sigh, well at least I’ll have lunch made for tomorrow. And tomorrow I’ll go see Superman! I’m looking forward to that.

I need new glasses.

Had a good talk with Caitiln today, just catching up on stuff and discussing problems about various things and observations.

I also talked to a few ppl the other day about organ donation and the islamic stance on it. That was really good too. Helped me learn a few things.

This is my 80th post on this blog. Is that all its been? It seems like so much more.

The weekend is almost here….I just want to sleep…and then do all my work. I want to do stuff, just need the energy…sigh, I’ll do it anyways. There will be plenty of time for sleep later.

Speaking of conversations, here are a couple recent ones….how much is true? maybe all, maybe none. But they’re funny.


Me: OK, alright gotta go. Stop typing for a bit lol brb
Friend: Why is ur boss there?
Friend: Is he sitting right there?
Friend: Is this msn box blinking and you’re manically trying to distract him from looking at your screen
Friend: I know. Why don’t u write down one of his action points on a Post-it, and then stick it on your screen over the msn bar
Friend: I am full of good ideas
Friend: You’re welcome
Friend: ….you been sacked yet?
(I come back to the screen)
Me: Pure evil runs through your veins.

Me: Are u going out to watch the match tonight
Friend: I really want to, bunch of ppl are going to a sports bar to see it
Me: So go what’s the problem
Friend: I want to I can’t
Me: Gonna be stuck at work?
Friend: No
Me: Then
Friend: I really cant, I have this huge spot.
Me: haha….are u being serious?
Friend: Dude its huge, I can’t see everyone tonight. Its like a bloody third eye in the middle of my forehead
Me: you worry me
Friend: My spot worries me
Me: Paint an Italy flag on ur forehead
Friend: Shut up
Me: Put black felt pen on it and make it look like a mole. Ignore ppl asking you why u look different today
Friend: I should’ve known I wouldn’t get any sympathy from you

Talking to a friend- basically I had an opinion which at the time, she thought I was crazy to have (enough explanation- the rest is personal lol) It was all very trivial stuff, but I expected her to be surprised.

Me: Yo. I’ve suddenly realised that I can’t believe I ever thought that!
Friend: Yeah I was wondering when that would happen
Me: What?
Friend: Well it was so ridiculous. I thought you’d take around a month..but clearly you were more disillusioned than I thought ha ha
Me: you could’ve told me at the time
Friend: I did… anyway…mistakes. Learning from them. Always better.
Me:Er, ok yoda.
Friend: I’m glad you’ve woken up now though
Me: whatever
Friend: hahaha

Me: there’s this Indian place round the corner. I’m gonna go get a lassi
Friend: wth. A lassi? You’re not still in india yeah..go get a coffee for lunch like the rest of us
Me: i don’t drink coffee
Fried: are you wearing your chappal at your desk?
Friend: Wipe that paan stain yaar… your at work for gosh sake…
Me: You want a lassi?
Friend: Mango please.

….and the rest

– Talking to a friend on my moto
Me: look I told you what I think you should do, bite the bullet
Friend: yeah but…but like what if (re iterates his issues AGAIN)
Me: Dude…I can’t hear you…
Friend: Why, is your reception going?…are you breaking up?
Me: No, cause I’m not listening.


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