What does it mean to forgive?

Hmm…what should I eat today. I want chocolate cake. No, I’ll have some junk food at the movies. I hope its good. Reviews were mixed. But Waqas planted the idea in my head it won’t be good so my expectations will be low. So I should enjoy it. I remember seeing the matrix and that blew me away. But then Iwalked into that not knowing anything at all about it. Hadn’t even seen a commercial. I dont’ know why I went actually. Just something to do I guess. I went with Aamir and his sister back in the old Erin Mills theatre. That was a good theatre. I miss Canada.

Tomorrow is Canada Day! Oh Canada, my home and native land…hehe. I dont remember Canada day last year. But the year before wasn’t great. Saw some fireworks and stuff. But other stuff I found out and experienced….no good. Was upset for a couple days.

Hmm, I’m still hungry. I’ll decide on the way what I want to eat. Whats taking this elevator so long?

Summer summer summer Time. I need to download that song. I’ll take a look at what Anojan has on his computer and download a few of those. I want more 80s and 90s songs. I need to move Syrianna to my zen as well. maybe tonight. Although i might try some jogging tonight…..more than likely not though

ok, so subway, nah no more subway for awhile. ok i’ll go left. cart food or kebab king, it was closed last time…or the broadway cafe..hmm….oh where am i. oh i guess i went right…so no cart food…mmm…do i have money…yep 20 plus…ok cafe it is…maybe they have the whitefish again…nope no white fish. ok grilled salmon…and corn, have to avoid the water…needless weight on the scale…maybe i should have tried the pizza place…but they didnt’ have fish last time…hmm….some string beans…ooh i’ll try some salad this tiem…plain or with croutons..ok both…what else…sushi..nah, ok tofu..is it the fried kind, i miss that from hot pot…need to find a halal hot pot and bbq oh they have spicy tofu…nah. ok i need better ear buds…wow the fried fish is gone already..strange…what else…hmm…ok more salmon….its bit light…oh well, that means cheap hopefully. i can use my 1’s. nice the line is 1 long.

i wonder if other ppl carry food the same way i do. thats a nice shirt, i should really check out these stores sometimes. is that jeep gonna stop, ok good it stopped. hmm. can cart guys setup shop right beside hydrants?

i wonder where the other guy is, this guy isn’t as friendly. meh, nice elevator was right there. i’m getting hungry.

standing on the edge of forever forever…today! i wonder if they’ll make season 6 of scrubs. although it doesn’t seem as good as before. flip boing hhe

where’d my fork go, mmm tofu’s not bad. eating makes me hungry lately. not good. i need a case for my zen…i’ll go to future shop after work. maybe i shoudl study at the star bucks. but if every one leaves work early i coudl study right here. then i can take the F train to 42 but I think the A train is closer..but then i got to walk to 8th avenue..hmm…this tofu was good i should have got more. what else, i need to clean my room before my gets here. room is ok, bathroom…stupid floor. maybe.

ok i was getting full, and then i ate some corn and now i’m hungry again, wahts with that. well i’m only half done lunch so its ok. i hope the weather lasts. look sunny right now. too bad this weather can’t last year round. i need more shirts, well laundry, maybe tonight, while i jog! that could work… but i probably wont get home til almsot 12 so probably not. hmm, how do i get to leguardia…i think theres a shuttle bus somewhere…oh right the bank, need to do that too…well i could go to duane reade…stupid 2 dollar charge…but then they do have those guylian chocolate bars taht are soo good. i want some hagen daz thgouh, that would be good right now…mmm….this luttuce is awful, blah

ok thats enough of that. i duno what that was. just trying to something a bit different. though really, when i think about it now. its hardly different at all. i’ll see what happens in the future. i just realized what style it reminds me of. meh.

my friend farheen started a blog. i’ll have to ask her if i can link to it. i’m behind in stuff. i need to clean. and i’m behind in my studying already. good thing this week is a catch up week. i need to email maria, i planned to monday and everyday stuff comes up. tomorrow is Canada Day. wait i mentioend that didn’t i. yes i did. hehe. I need to give Dina a call and wish her a happy birthday. I havent talked to her in awhile either. Find out how her trip to Jordon was. The pics of it reminded me of India a bit. BBQ is like 1 month away. I’m really looking forward to that.

A few ppl complimented by songs/poems i’ve been putting lately. None are mine, just things i’ve come across or are in my head so i put them done. And how do I repay such compliments? Im going to try and come up with some of my own stuff. Simple stuff for sure. But I want to give it a shot. Though whenever I come across osmething interesting I’ll still put that up as well.

There is no revenge so complete as Forgiveness.

How’s that? Sounds cool. Do I agree with it? You know, I do. Sometimes I don’t entirely know what it means to forgive though. Do I wish another ill? No. Does that constitute forgiveness? I don’t think so. What does it mean to forgive? Does it mean that things go back to the way they were? Thats much more difficult. I accept apologies. And I can be friends once more with people. So in that sense I say I forgive, I just don’t always forget. Its like another favourite quote of mine, I’ll forget what you said, I’ll forget what you did, But I’ll never forget how you made me feel. Now I don’t hold grudges or bitter feelings or anger and the like. At the least I try not, its very very rare…and usually I don’t know. Anyways, does this mean I’m only accepting an apology but not forgiving? The more I think about it, the more I think it is about forgetting it in the sense that it doesn’t play a part in how you deal with a person later on. And while I remember peoples past actions, I usually don’t remember or think about it when dealing with them. So I guess I have forgivne them. I’ll have to think about this more. Right now my thoughts all seem to be a bit convoluted. Opinions on the subject are welcome.

hehe, I kind of went off on a tangent there. But is it a tangent when the entire piece had no real direction?


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