More on that later…

Dha dhin dha, dha dha dhin dha, ta dha dha, dhin ta, dhin ta

Bonus points to anyone that figure out what song thats from, haha

Yesterday for much of the day I was in a good mood. It was Wednesday. A nice short week after the long weekend, more on that later. But I went home and my internet wasn’t working. And that really bothered me as I was looking forward to just sitting back relaxing and writing some emails to a few people and writing up a blog and just various other things. But whatever. I bought a case and new ear buds for my mp3 player so that consumed some time. And then I watched a couple movies while studying. Other stuff kind of ruined my mood as well but I won’t get into that.

I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What’s a boy supposed to do
The killer in me is the killer in you

On my previous post, not the Yay post (more on that later), the one about forgiveness, I got a lot of replies. No comments heh, but I mean a lot of ppl talked to me about their thoughts on the subject and it was really interesting. Opinions varied quite a bit as well. To religious opinion to not believing in religion, forgetting and moving on to never forgiving and all the grey between. A lot of people talked about how sometimes you just got to walk away from people. Thats something I’ve always had some trouble at. And have been working on since highschool. I let time pass and then give people another shot. And while thats not always a bad thing, time isn’t always enough. Ppl have to show they deserve another shot sometimes. I’m not phrasing it right, but I don’t care right now. Basically, people need to take initiative sometimes. Otherwise, I’m just wasting my time. And my time is not infinite. Sometimes I really think, whats the point.

This long weekend was a lot of fun. My Mom and Nana visited. I saw Superman which was fun. Not a very huge climatic ending but it was fun seeing superman, be superman and save the day. And then I saw the Broadway show Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which was amazing! Its part of my top 2-3 favourite shows now. So good. And then later I saw the Devil wears prada. I had no idea what to expect since I wasn’t familiar with the story but i liked it! hehe it made me want to go shopping. The rest of the weekend was spent eating and visiting relatives in NJ. That was pretty fun too. Met a lot of people I hadn’t ever met before and you know, it really is a small world (more on that later, sorta).

My Cousin Alia is getting married! Woot woot! is what pops in my head but thats not me, heh thats more a couple of my NY friends (more on that later). But yay! I’m looking forward to going back and seeing everyone! hehe, so much fun. too bad i’m not there so i can’t really be involved in the helping out. But still, I’ll get to see everyone in canada and bunch of extended family from all over. And its Alia’s wedding. I don’t really like weddings that much. But I love going to family weddings. My cousins aren’t cousins. I grew up with them. They are brothers and sisters. heh, I can already see 3 of my aunts that are sisters talking and laughing in the house. They are each pretty loud, but put them together they exponentionally louder! You can’t help but laugh and smile at their laughing….which you can hear from anywhere/everywhere. August 26th is less than 2 months away!

Oh oh! And she’ll be moving to Hartford, CT!! Thats where the guy lives. So near Caitlin and like only 2hrs away from me! Yay for Small worlds!

I was thinking about this a couple days ago. The friends I have in NY are really different than the friends I had in Canada. They are all really cool people and I still have more close friends at home (which will always be canada) than here but the ppl here are pretty cool ppl. Its just kinda interesting how its different. Most of my friends in Canada are guys and semi extroverted, but not hugely. Most of my friends in NY are girls and they are fairly extroverted for the most part. Well thats a very broad generalization I guess thats not a fair description to either group. Its hard to explain….but theres no real reason too.

As 99 red balloons go by…

What else? yeah so I wasn’t in a good mood. And when I woke up I still wasn’t all that great. But somewhere while walking to work, between 24th and 25th street I think. I just looked up and saw…well a hazy sky. But felt the wind, and I looked a bit around. And just decided, I’m not going to bother with this anymore. I’m letting 1 thing bug me and I really shouldnt let it. Let me enjoy everything else. And I have. Its weird, I’m weird. Maybe somethings wrong with me to go up and down in mood so often.

Smile you’re on candid camera
sorry, random thought.

Pirates 2 comes out this week! I’m actually looking forward to that quite a bit. And I’m really looking forward to (as much as I enjoy spending time with ppl) some time for just me. I just want to sit and study and go to the gym. And just not have anything else to worry about for awhile.

What else? More on that later…


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