For you, a thousand times over.

I had a phrase in my head this morning, while I was brushing my teeth. It kept repeating….I was going to put it down here but I can’t remember what it was anymore…

I started reading The Kite Runner today. Finally. Its been sitting on my window sill for ages. I brought it with me today and read a bit on the train to work. I only got a couple of chapters in but I’m really enjoying it so far. I believe everyone that told me I wouldn’t be able to put it down. Tonights going to be a long night with work and stuf, but I’m looking forward to reading it some more when I get home. I know or at least am pretty sure, its not the happiest of endings. Not something I usually enjoy…perhaps I’ll complain about it later. But not every story has a happening ending after all. C’est la vie.

For you, a thousand times over. I’m stealing that from someone I know, I can’t recall who though, it was someone’s msn name.

I need to temper that with trying to sleep early though. I can feel the onstages of a cold and this is definitely not the right time for it. heh, like there ever is one, but still.

Looking for flights is so annoying. I’m thinking I may fly to Buffalo this time. That would save a decent amount. Its ridiculous flying to Toronto these days. I can fly to europe at the same prices. And I really don’t like taking the bus. 13hrs on a bus is no fun, I could drive there in back in almost the same amt of time. I could rent a car…but driving through the middle of the night after work, by myself…not sure how my parents would like that…heh, not sure how I’d like that…still something to look into.

interesting….sort of.

I’ve started watching the show LOST. My favourite character is Hurley and then maybe Sawyer. Its alright. Nothing spectacular, but its alright. I get pulled in here and there a few times where I really want to know what happens next but overall its not a must see. Nothing is anymore. I watched a ton of it this last week though. I finished season 1 and the first 2 episodes of season 2 last night….late last night. I should have been a bit more productive.

I got an ok amount done though. Bought another piece of furniture which was long overdue, did my groceries, went to the gym, went to the butcher, and got a bit of studying done. Its weird. I never like telling people how much or how little I work/study. I’m pretty sure I know why…. its just me being dumb. I took a break (not including the episodes of Lost) to watch pirates 2. It was alright. Its really not a movie on its own. Just a setup for pirates 3.

Sometimes it really feels like for every step forward, you take 2 back. Or maybe 1 to the side…..but then…isn’t that how to dance?

Speaking of travelling. I had a dream the other day. Side note, I’m finding I’m remembering my dreams a bit more the last few days. Anyhow, Punit, Anojan, & I (and Xiao was there for bits) are at a travel agent. And we’re lookng for a flight to Spain for a long weekend. Odd cause while depending on the price and travel time I’d definitely be up for such a thing Anojan and Punit would never be. But the cost of Spain was much too high. And the travel agent left the room and we start playing on the computer looking up prices ourselves. Somehow we get an alternative of Portugal for like 500$. And then we start looking at domestic flights for deals there. We find a flight to San Fran for $200. And I’m thinking man, they’ll go for it cause its cheaper but I don’t want to go to San Fran, sure my cousin is there…that would be cool. But I really wanted to go to Europe. And then we check some more and find a flight to Japan for 100euro (dont ask me why the currency flipped to euro, it just did). And the flight was to Osaka so i’m like cool, I can go visit Mu-sushi aka Masashi. But then everyone kind of disappeared and I started wanting to go visit a rainforest. and thats all i remember…….so no real point to me writing this i suppose, it just popped into my head.

I remember another saying from something I read. It might fit better with some pictures I want to put up. Maybe not, I don’t know. I haven’t really picked out the pictures yet. But I like it. Its true. And I’ll just put it up now.

I always knew that, looking back at my tears would make me laugh,
but I never thought that, looking back at my laughter would make me cry.


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