A few words of wisdom; Watch your thoughts they become words. Watch your words they become actions. Watch your actions they become habbits. Watch your habbits they become character.

Good things happen, bad things happen. I know that. Life is not a movie, always having a happy ending. heh, movies dont even have happy endings all the time. Sometimes I do find it hard to look at the brightside of things. When the world is messed up, when I read something sad. I felt that today. I didn’t feel optomistic or idealistic or anything. I was just like enough, I don’t like this. All cause of this book I’m reading. Its highly engaging. And I’ll finish it. But man, there is a lot going on I just don’t like and it really made me want to just stop reading.

When you go against the world, the world always wins.

I do not accept this. Period. Thats all I’m going to say about that right now.

And I was in a good mood earlier today too. After/during my workout that is. Feeling good about myself. Not that I’m in great shape or anything, sadly far from it. But I’ve been going consistently lately and even if there is no difference I like to think I can see a change. Now hopefully I’ll see a change on the scale…and in the direction I want.

Click. Delete.
I think its about time.

I find it cool that I look at movies and be like, I have been there. I recognize that. I walked there. I lived there. Spiderman 3 was filming right outside my office basically. But I don’t just mean that, I mean its fun to see NY, and Toronto, and Amsterdam, and Switzerland, and Delhi, Hyderabad etc on the screen. And I don’t say this to brag. I’m just saying its cool to me. And I hope I’ll always remember to stop every once in awhile and look around and be like wow. Wherever I am. Because really……wow.

Its very quiet sometimes. I hear the fan running. And my fingers typing. Which altogether dont’ make very much noise. But thats not entirely what I mean. I mean, its very quiet sometimes.

Momement. Present. Flashback. New Moment.

The NY Philharmonic had a free performance on wednesday. It rained so I didn’t go. They have another one his coming week. Wednesday again I believe. The last one I think. I’m looking forward to going. Its something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. I just hope work doesn’t get in the way.

sigh. enough.

The bbq is 2 weeks away. We’re up to about 26ppl coming. A couple will be no shows. but I think we actually ahve a few more ppl on the list that are comign and haven’t replied so, the number looks good for now. Should be a lot of fun.


5 responses to “enough

  1. can i come to the bbq?

    just joking…

    no, but seriously.. can i come?

    okay fine fine. Anyways cool blog. It made me think about things. I often have quiet moments here as well. They are nice aren’t they? Sometimes i’m greatful for quiet times cause at least its not chaotic and at least something bad isn’t happening..

    I didn’t think you were bragging about being excited to see the places u’ve been on screen. It’s cool actually. I want to go to the TAJ MAHAL & Egypt of course. One day. Great Blog btw. I will upkeep on mine – i’m busy with my MYSPACE & Friendster. Sorry. Have a good one

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