Sick, San Francisco, Work, Rain, Tickets

Last night I woke up at 3 or so. I didn’t feel well. I felt like throwing up and like something was in my throat or something. Not fun. I didn’t like it. Not just the feeling of being sick, but when I get sick here, I feel more alone here. I have to take care of me. The situation isn’t actually much different than waterloo…but I still had ppl to call upon there. I suppose I do here as well too…but it doesn’t feel the same. I think i just didn’t feel well cause I ate some junk food on an empty stomach, I should have something a bit proper beforehand…

Afterwards, I sat online for a bit. Just randomly going here and there. And I stumbled upon some clips of America’s Got Talent. Some of those ppl are really good! I think I’m going to try downloading a few episodes.

Its restaurant week in NY. Tom and I went to lunch on Monday to a French place, Fleur de Sel or something like that. It was really good, I might go check out a few more restaurants….well probaby not. I’m short on time these days. It was interesting just talking to Tom casually, though the topic did turn to work for awhile. There is a conference in October that he and Brian are attending. He asked me if I’d like to go. I was like, definitely! The Conference is San Francisco, California! Woohoo! Well nothing is really certain yet. The conference isn’t until October and things could change. Heck, maybe I won’t even be here. But its certainly fun to think about. Its also…funny…since I had that dream about flying to San Fran and other places not too long ago.

Yesterday was a good day at work too. I have a new project I’m working on and I wasn’t quite sure about a few things. But I scheduled a meeting and discussed a few points. Well quite a few, ended up being a 90min meeting, but it was really productive and I feel great about this project now. Its awesome whenever everything just clicks and it all makes sense. So yep, looking forward to spec’ing it out now.

I went to the Central Park last night. The NY Philharmonic was having a free concert performance. The park was packed. It was really cool. A nice atmosphere. Like everyone in the park was having a little picnic with some classical music playing in the background. I met some new ppl and they were all really cool and nice and friendly. And I ate a bunch of junk food so bad…more on that later.

And while I got busy with talking for most the evening. I managed to stop and pay attention to listen to the songs I really liked. I suppose I shouldn’t really call them songs but no matter. I guess technically, this would be the first concert I’ve ever attended. But I’d really call it more than a picnic than a concert, so thats still something I need to try in the future. I’ll have to check whats coming up at Madison Square Garden.

Side note: I’ve been really busy but I need to find time to do a few more things now that the weather is nice. I really want to go check out a few more museums too. Maybe starting with the Natural History Museum. It looked cool in the trailer for the Ben Stiller movie.

After the concert there was a fireworks show. It wasn’t very long but it was entertaining. I dont’ remember the last time I saw fireworks. Anyhow, right after the fireworks, like literally 2mins after, Crazy Rain. Like heavy and fast rain.

It was quite the scene. The ppl that run as quickly as they can, the ppl that grumble and slowly leave, and the ppl that enjoy it and start doing cartwheels.

Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I’ve a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin’,
Singin’ in the rain

The rain was something fierce though, imagine this if you will, its 10pm+ its dark, we’re in central park, its pouring, there are hundreds of ppl trying to leave, water is now up to and past my ankles in some areas, walking under bridges with people screaming like a highschool cafeteria when the lights go out, oh and some weirdos handing my love jesus flyers. hehe it was pretty funny. Not sure if I’d felt the same if alone though. I’d be like oh..kay…..maybe no more central park for awhile….

I just had a weird experience when buying my ticket for home. The price was 425$ which is high but what can you do, So I click purcahse, enter my cc info, click finalize purcahse, and then I’m given another screen, sorry due to demand yada yada yada, the price is 525$ I’m like….what? no, heck no. So I try again. And then….the price is 350? woohoo! Still pricy but oh well. I purchase it and I’m good to go.

I wish I had time to really be at home. Last time I was home was when I went on my europe trip. But I don’t really count that, cause half my family had already left and I was there for like no time at all. Just pack and go. And even less than that on the return. The last time I was really at home was like xmas. Even this trip its more about chores and stuff that needs to be done than seeing family. Inshallah I”ll have that oppurtunity in August during Alia’s wedding.

I’ve written plenty today. A lot more stuff on my mind…heh, I wish my mind would quiet down sometimes and stop thinking so much….well…I only partially think that.


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